Sex is sentience

As we grow older we began to mature in many ways. Hormones take over and turn our world’s asunder until we go complete our metamorphosis into adult humans. During this time we find our passions, our motivations in life, change physically, and become fully immersed in a sex crazed world.

Sex is everywhere we look in our daily lives. Whether you are checking out the opposite sex when you make your daily travels or hopping onto a social media site you find sexual things. Sex is becoming a more comfortable subject with the public, and we all know sex sells. A fact evident by sexualized media promotions, songs, movies, and books. Novels by Zane, Maya Banks, and more recently E.L. James are all famous because our need to indulge our sexual thoughts.

This got me to thinking. Sex does a lot for us as a species, it perpetuates us, pleasures us, traps us, frees us, bolsters our economy, sends us to jail, helps us make deals, breaks them, begins and ends marriages. Sex is Damn near omnipotent in our lives in this day and age. So, I thought deeper, it’s not just us, some species of primates like the Bonobo use sex as a bartering tool. Dolphins much like many humans have sex just for the fun of it and not just to procreate.

If different species across the world are having sex for multiple purposes and we are using it in a multitude of ways that just means one thing to me. Sex is Sentience, or rather a necessary thing for sentient beings. It may be had for stupid reasons, but sentient creatures do it. Now I’m in no way saying having sex makes you smart because you can feel dumb as hell afterwards, but maybe Sex itself is smart. I say that because we may all not be having sex, but sex sure is having all of us…. maybe it is a sentient thing all on its own?

That’s just my own two cents on the subject.

Poetic Ice


Happiness, relative?

Happy, joy, smile, exuberance, jolly, all similar words that don’t need an explanation. All words signifying something you want on a daily basis, happiness. We all strive for happiness in our daily lives, but what is happiness? To some happiness is simply putting food on the table. For others it’s seeing their significant other smile, and others sadly are happiest when causing others discomfort/harm.

So if happiness can be so many things, what truly defines happiness, and just how do you make someone else happy?
Once you think about what makes you happy one may learn that their happiness is relative to their needs being met. If a person is happy with a job and paying their bills and providing for their family then they are happy because they have their needs met. That is perfectly fine, but what of those other feelings you get as a human? Your wants? Wants, more times than not aren’t necessities. So going by the “theory of happiness is relative to your needs being met”, why do they factor into your happiness? Is it because the desire for these wants becomes so powerful they evolve from a want to a Need. A new need that soon began to ebb away at your happiness because this new need isn’t being met. If your happiness is relative to your needs being met, then at this point you are no longer happy.
Happiness is now giving way to sadness and Lord forbid resentment. All Because a want grew into a need and it wasn’t met… what do you do now?

Does one person decide that their new need isn’t worth the trouble and never try to meet it? All the while they are growing in sadness and rage about that fact. Soon losing all concept of being happy anymore Will make said person embody rage and resentment to their current situation.


Does that person reevaluated their needs and find a way to achieve them all so they can maintain their relative happiness. Even though this new need isn’t a true necessity, it has now become necessary to maintain their current level of happiness. So as long as happiness is the result it’s okay to strive for your new need. When it’s all said and done the said person will be happier, and have that demeanor around others, so everyone who knows them intimately benefits from them getting their needs met.

With that said, I conclude that happiness is relative to your needs being met. It is also okay for you to go after things you want, making them into needs once you necessities have all been met. There is no shame in a smile right?

But that’s just my two cents on the world around me.

Poetic Ice

One harsh B!+©h

We all live this thing called life/
She is one harsh B!+©h/
Such a volatile mixture of success, lessons and strife/

She takes her time to set you up/
Making it easy to knock you down/
Confusing you will the philosophy of a half empty or full cup/

Once you get a grasp on things you smile/
Life lets you think you that you won/
But give it a minute life will strike back with style/

It’s like this B!+©h has a frigid vendetta/
She needs you to stumble before you stand/
So she shot you point blank with Beretta/

Damn life is one harsh B!+©h/
One that we all fight to live/
She teaches us the difference of wealth and rich/

The harsh B!+©h is our first gift, greatest curse/
Because no matter how harsh we crave to live her/
So be grateful because it could be a lot worse/

Poetic Ice
Just venting about that chick life, but still ready to conquer the next day

Sacred Swords, The Novel


I’d like to take the opportunity to share my novel with yet another audience because I’m a writer simply looking for readers. A few years back I met my wife and the floodgates of inspiration opened and never closed. I’ve written hundreds of poems and countless short stories all based on my interactions with her. I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today if it wasn’t for her. That being said, my novel Sacred Swords came of a dream I had about her one night.  I started writing it just to get the idea out of my head and then boom it was a full novel length story that I published through Xlibris.

Sacred Swords takes place in an alternate world where all things seem normal like our world until two young adults take their spring break trip to the beach city of Port Coastal, a fictional city on the coast of South Carolina. Once there two Sacrd Swords are bequeathed to them from the sky and their journey begins.

Not only do the two main characters learn they are descended from two ancient Gods, they learn that they must protect the world from a great evil that is on the verge of returning. Creatures they believed to be fictional are real and more times than not a threat to their existence as they learn and grow towards mastering their blades and natural abilities. Long time friends are not all they seem, and tomorrow isn’t certain for them as they try to prevent the world’s destruction.

It’s an action packed story from beginning to end and I would love to share it with the world. It’s out and available now for order and digital download.

I’ve made a Facebook page for it, u also post things for my other original stories too.

If the link below doesn’t work let me know I’ll give another

Selfless in your selfishness

One selfless act of selfishness/
Feeds the flames of pain/
Like a malevolent kerosene rain/
You call yourself a hero
A title you will foolishly hold with pride/
Not even realizing you sent my heart on a hell ride/
You mistake my strength because of my youth/
But it’s your naivety that portrays your lack of Maturity/
Unlike you I have perfect acuity/
I deserve my chance at equality/
But you stripped that with a gesture that is grand/
And you will question me when I make my stand/
As my intellect grew I earned my place in this world!/
One you neglect, like it’s not my right!/
So when I don’t answer your call remember you started this fight!/
Your selfishness was under the guise of selfless/
And for that I will silently cry/
Because relationships are alive, and you just caused this one to slowly die/

-Poetic Ice

Fallen Hero

I saved you once/
I didn’t force a path upon you, but guided you towards the light/
You called me your hero/
I finally hung up my cape/
After walking in the light for a while you turned from the Sun’s gleaming light/
I don’t think you did it out of spite/
Because you let ephemeral passion rip you from the lights bosom/
I once again take up the cape/
Before u make a full escape/
I battle the forces of darkness on your behalf/
But when I outstretch my hand to save you from the ledge, You gave me the shaft/
Your words are my kryptonite that makes me stop/
Your eyes pierce through me pleading 4 a savior/
What do I do? I can’t force what’s right upon you/
But I can’t let the darkness consume you/
So I take of my cape a final time and give it to you/
I willingly throw myself to the black flames on your behalf/
Why you ask? Because I love you too much to let u fall/
Use the cape to never stray from the light, but next time you will have to save yourself/

Poetic Ice

Room Full Of Vultures

Their eyes are on you.
Let em watch.
They want you dead.
Let em prey.
Stay in step, dont you dare change./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
Walk proud with yo head held high./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
They built their lives up hating yours.
Let em./
They try to sew seeds of deceit in your life./
But their green thumb died./
They are stalking you but dont you dare speed up./
Trot bravely and show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Dont play their stupid game, just win it./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
They constantly break glass in ya path to hurt you./
Keep walkin on your Iron will and you wont be hurt./
They lose they mind over you and throw condoms in the air, waiting for you to f**k up./
Abstain their fickle hate and move forward./
They beg you to change from your greatness./
Dont you dare give in, show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Leave the suckas in their closed box and keep your mind free./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./

Poetic Ice

Never give in, never give up, you aren’t prey, you are a predator of your ambitions and no one else can deny you of them