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Running rampant in our world/
Torturing our community/
Killing our people/
Protected under the law/
America’s frozen heart will never thaw/
Zimmerman and Dunn
“Stood Their ground” and won/
Martin and Davis bled out away from parents, never again to see the sun/
Irony never hit harder in the sunshine state/
Its apparent if you own a gun you control fate/
The fates of unarmed children/
Honestly does that make you a hero then?/
A hoodie, skittles, music, and tea…/
Did you know they were your life’s fee?/
Martin and Davis and so many others/
God, do you hear all of the weeping fathers and mothers?/
Brothers and sisters?
All because of two unforgiving misters?
Zimmerman and Dunn
let me ask do you feel our shun?
Or rage, hate fear, disgust, confusion?
At the fact that you are afforded rights, and you abused them?
Do you feel them?
Your psychological wounds, time may never heal them/
This mental struggle is yours and yours alone/
Because these boys can never go home/
You stood you ground in Florida, you know your rights.
But would there be a ground to stand on if they were whites?
Or girls
Muslim or atheist?
Or in another country?
In a dictatorship or empire?/
A democracy allows you to vote on whats murder or not./
And votes can always be bought!/
As long as I pay my taxes and feel threatened without proof I can decide who gets shot/
If you can’t see the wrong in this, you’re blind/
What warped propaganda has twisted your mind?/
Your another zimmerman and Dunn waiting to happen/
And when it does your like minded clan will be clapping/
We as humans apparently need something to save us/
Before there is another Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

R.I.P. Young men, guide us from the other side and greet us with arms opened wide my brothers, not because of race, because of our humanity. A fact forgotten by many.

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Power, Corruption, Cruelty

First, the poem titled Corrupt.

The corrupt create causes of cruelty/
That are heinous hurtful and harmful/
To your serenity, sanctuary, and soul/
But why? Why must they hold this control?/
To the core it is a primal need/
This dark tendencies are a beast ready to feed/
True evil is a man corrupting his seed/
Changing the flower to a parasitic weed/
Using children to spread your wrath/
It’s a disgust unlike anything hell hath/
The destruction of happy homes from the inside out/
The breakage of hearts, letting the love pour out/
An adult with selfish behavior/
Creating the image of a false saviour/
No rhyme or reason why the evil exists/
But said no matter if detained or not, it will persist/
The corrupt create causes of cruelty…….

Now, the discussion about the subject matter at hand based on a personal experience. Power, it has the ability to corrupt. Once a person has it they feel the need to be in complete and utter control of the world around them. When they lose their grip on that power they turn cruel if they aren’t already. It is something that is sad and frightening once it goes that route.

A man using underhanded tricks to maintain his power is already wrong. But a man using his kids as a show of power to destroy a good thing just because he has no power over it anymore is just evil. Evil in its purest form to me is the manipulation of children’s innocence to do wrong.

I watched a young child ripped from a happy home that they didn’t want to leave because their sibling was manipulated to believe that someone was doing them wrong. Even though said person has done nothing but sacrifice to ensure their survival and happiness. The younger sibling has been torn between sibling loyalty and finding their own path in life. The older has lost their own identity to their fathers will/need to control all life around him at the cost of everyone’s joy. A heinous act that was a plan that was in the works for months that came to a head like a tactical nuke going off at a dynamite factory. They only reason any of the heartache and pain they went through happened is because that man lost all power, so he exuded cruelty to make everyone around him just as miserable.

I know power doesn’t always corrupt and lead to cruelty, but when it does no one is happy in the end. That’s just my observation of the world around me.

So does power equal cruelty? What’s your opinion.

– Poetic Ice

My Reason Why

My reason why

We all have reasons/
Reasons to live/
To smile/
To cry/
To die/
Reasons why are everywhere/
My reason why wears my ring/
My reason why can make me sing/
My reason why is why I breathe/
My reason why love’s me like you wouldn’t believe/
She is why I live
She is why I give
She taught me so much about life/
She was try god given choice for a wife/
My reason why is all I need/
My reason why is of a unique breed/
My reason reason why…/
I thank the Lord each day as I send my prayers high/

-Poetic Ice

The Enemy

The enemy

I always feel like somebody’s watching me/
In the noir of night the damned demons bare their fangs/
As they target it my neck feels paper thin/
Here is where it begins/
Fear sets in, gives you the option for fight or flight/
Red blazing eyes pierce your soul, sapping your might/
A vicious paralysis grips you, disables your legs/
Let me rend your flesh, it’s bloodlust begs/
Hope, is lost as morbid curiosity begins to ask/
What manner of beast is this, who is can do this task/
A boldness creeps into your heart and you ask why/
With a guttural snarl it rips into your thigh/
Down, you fall writhing in pain/
Knowing you are doomed, the sky lets loose rain/
Survival, a drive in you is aroused and you fight back/
Angering the demon, it mauls you with its attack/
You lost before you could even start/
The being of darkness easily pierced your heart/
Death, comes easy, your soul to take/
Eyes flutter open as you lay in a could sweat, finally awake/
You see the demon eyes staring at you, surely your losing your mind/
Flipping a light, you gave at the demonic reflection, it’s you, humankind/

Our greatest enemy will always be ourselves. Once we stop fighting ourselves we can achieve anything.

-Poetic Ice

Freedom Via Ink

Breathe life into words and create/
Become the master of a world, the controller of its fate/
With destinies forever at your command/
Create heroes that take a stand/
Villains whose main goal is to vex/
Write a scene with the most powerful sex/
Words leap from the paper and control the mind/
They envelope you in a new world, leaving this one behind/
You can be the creator of this mystery/
Become epic, make your mark in history/

Write, its freedom via ink
Poetic Ice

To Swag or not to Swag

A few days back I wrote a poem titled S.W.A.G., which stands for Some Will Always Go. What I was getting at is that some members of our society always go with the will always fall into the trends of the media and/or the will of others that ate in a position of “Power”. By power I mean those in the media with influence over the masses. These people include but aren’t limited to celebrities of the music and film world, magazines that instruct you on what is in and what isn’t, and tv shows/trends. I wrote the poem because more often than not I see a lot of people around me following the trends of the masses, losing their individuality and a lot of the time their morality. Whether they are buying new shoes and dependent on a government program to feed their kids or people with so little respect for each other they address each other with derogatory slurs. It just enraged me at times, here read it,

The world today lives for Swag/
And the pursuit of the name brand tag/
S.W.A.G., Some Will Always Go/
Go along with the plans of their foe/
What foe? The materialistic mainstream mindset/
The need to out do your own people, and call ppl derogatory words and not fret/
Some kids have never seen a real human adult/
If you ask them to identify ppl, bitch hoe trick and nigga will be the result/
Young men embark upon their Jordan’s quest/
Young women try to see who’s pregnancy is best/
All on a journey of no work to get Money/
Refusing to believe education could lead to the land of milk and honey/
S.W.A.G., it doesn’t always bode well/
Some Will Always Go along with another’s will/
The will that leads to a followers mentality/
The path will compromise your morality/
Sending people to a world where no one pays/
A world where Nigga I’ll kill for them J’s/
A reality where she said she’ll never work/
I’ll pull me a baller with the power of twerk/
A world where December is no longer the limit of Jolly/
Because the masses get turned up on that Molly/
A world where every thing we must wear is rare/
Because I don’t worry about anything, I’m on welfare/
These people live by the creed of swag/
If you aren’t flaunting them riches, you’re a rag/
There is no need to take a stand/
Why use my mind and be a man?/
I’m trying to be the most hated/
I’m trying to see how quickly I get faded/
Everything in my small world will be alright/
Because I got a job moving that White!/
S.W.A.G., the disease affecting our minds/
Trying to keep up with trends is making us blind/
Some Will Always Go towards the fads and lack of individuality/
Some Will Always Go away from intelligence and factuality/
Stuck trying to have the top Hashtag/
Because they are in the mentality of S.W.A.G.

With that said, I’m not saying I’ve never bought a pair of new expensive shoes, or used generational slurs/slang. That’s just part of growing up in your generation, but I didn’t let the trends consume me and I grew out of those ways and tendencies. What I don’t get is why these things have power over so many of us? Why Are young men compelled to call young girls bitches and hoes? Why do girls rely on pregnancy as a means of relationship/financial survival? Why do so many people turn to drugs and drinking to feel good? Why do so many of us have a S.W.A.G. mentality?

What can we do to stop it, or at least alter it. Each generation will have its own sense of style. But style must not give way to mind alteration right? Just because you want to dress in the trendiest clothes of the time doesn’t mean you should seek to be a better person. Your style should prevent you from hunting education or respecting your peers/elders. Your style should never give rise to the need to use violence/treachery to obtain something that’s “In”. Once your style aka swag gets to this point it’s no longer style, it’s shackles. Iron clad shackles around your soul that have kept you from achieving your full potential as a human being. Do we really want that for ourselves? We already only use 10% of our brain power, why limit ourselves more just because we look good in Gucci? Swag just isn’t worth it, because it’ll most likely all be worthless by media standards within a few years anyway. So why follow up with it if it’s just a hindrance to us as a species when it gets taken to this level?

But that’s just my two cents on my observations of the world around me.

Poetic Ice