Indulge your sweet tooth with this urban drama

An urban thriller drama that takes a hold of you and leaves you wanting more

I want to invite you all to check out my urban drama titled “The Candy Shop”! It’s a novel set in the fictional city of Chamberlyn, New York. It follows the life of Jordan Jones, a young woman in her early twenties that is trying to raise her child and put herself through college. She works at night as a stripper, which only fuels the fires of family drama between herself, entitled sister, and maniacal mother. This is the story of a woman battling her own inner demons while trying to raise her son in the harsh world of Chamberlyn, New York.

Please take a chance on an Indie Author and check out my novel and leave me a review on amazon telling me what you think! You can purchase a soft copy or a copy for your kindle here: The Candy Shop by: LeTavious Hemingway

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