This world has grown cold.

The lovers die young, but hate never grows old.

Theres always someone giving a tirade on your acheivements.

NEVER let that get to you and make this announcement.

Hate if you want, im still an elite, im damn great!

My abundance of success is the product of lifelong work, must be fate.

Stop paying so much attention to MY LIFE.

Dont be mad at the things in MY LIFE.

It just sounds like you covet MY LIFE.

Stop spending so much time condemning the life of me.

And devout the better part of your time to becoming like me….

The world has gone cold its up to us to keep ourselves warm.

The hatred will always rain, but our determination weathers the storm


If…Just If

Just if.
If I reached toward you,
would you pull me forward?
If I ran and jumped from the cliff,
would you flap your wings and catch me?
If I began to flap the wings you gave me,
would you glide beside me?
If I said I need you,
would you say I have you?
If I was just a figment of your imagination,
would you dream of me forever?
If you were my radiant angel would you eternally guard me?
Just if I said I Love you,
would you say you love me 2….

Gaming for Life

Insert 4 Coin(s) of creativity
Select your god-given character
& Press Start on reality
your Life Meter is stuck on 1
remember you rarely get a continue
The Level is ongoing don’t try to Pause me
You don’t have time for that
you have to collect your educational Power-Ups & all that
Get enough so you can collect the Gold Coins
with enough Gold Coins you could get a Gold Ring
when you save your single Princess, you can put a Chaos Emerald on that thing
now on your 1 Player journey, you have a Player 2
Insert 4 more coin(s) of Love, Honesty, Passion, and Trust for the both of you
Now you can live a Super Sonic life style for a while chasing each others Tails
Eventually you will earn another Life it never Fails
Now thers a new Sequel to add to the Next Generation
Raise it’s Levels right and during the Credits you’ll get a standing ovation
Cue the Ending Credits, Thanks 4 playing you really kept it Goin’
You got the Highscore, now it’s time for the Next Generation to Insert Coin(s)28358_10150204078325722_5740128_n

Libra Loving Leo, Happy Birthday



July 28,  2015, or July 28th of any year for that matter is a day of great importance. Not only is it during the month where our nation celebrates its independence, its the day where my Rock, strength, and inspiration was born.  My wife, my gorgeous Leo graced us with her presence on this day and stole my heart.

Embrace the Leo Season

Now it’s her birthday today, but i’m the one who has the present. We were lucky enough to go to college together, but we didn’t always talk to each other. I was a recluse who really only hung around my brother, and she was a beauty that I seen from afar who was dating another. We would cross paths because we had the same classes due to us being bio majors, but we didn’t have need to talk to each other all the time.

A few years later that all changed when she just randomly told me that I was sexy. These are words that never really combine as such and are flung my way at this point in time and I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know how to handle this direct confrontation from this Leo, but as a Libra I relished the compliment. This is the start of that present I was mentioning. She didn’t know it then, but she was saving me from a very dark moment in my life. I was wrestling with depression and the stresses of keeping my grades up and trying to become something in life. I was on the brink of self destruction, even actively contemplating it. That is, I was until she entered my life. Her present that she gave me since that day was love and life. Now we’re joined at the hip, happily married, and so deep in love.



Every day I spend with you is a gift to me, so I plan on making them all good for you baby. I love you and I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday!!!

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7 facts about me:

1. I have a passion for writing, I love to write poetry and stories. I’ve had a novel published, Sacred Swords, that’s available now on amazon.

2. I love video games, my two favorite series are the Super Smash Bros, and Kingdom Hearts. I could play either for hours. Super excited or Kingdom Hearts 3 by the way!!!

3.  I read all the time, the two series I can’t seem to put down right now are The Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore, and The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I suggest you pick them both up if you’re into fantasy fiction

4. I’m writing another novel, The Candy Shop, that I post on my blog here and it’s gathering a following check it out

5. I’m a veterinary Technician that works the emergency shift. I see all manner of things that range from good to what the hell, and I love my job.

6. I was born in Conway South Carolina, but no one knows where that is, but if you say Myrtle Beach everyone knows where that is. It’s only 15 minutes away from Conway, and you have to go through it to get there.

7.  I have an addiction to Chinese food. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I need it often and will go get it. Don’t stand in my way lol.

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature’s tears pour.

Tryna cleanse Earth’s whores.

Not prostitutes, but people whoring her resources.

Tryna wash away ideas that led to wrong courses.

That’s why there is such a thunderous rain.

Mother Nature is sharing her pain.

Too much oil and blood spills.

Black crude causes animal kills.

The shores will blacken with a mess that can’t be swept.

And she knows this, that’s why she wept.

Mother Nature knows not what to do with Earth

Sink holes swallow the ground, so Your corporate buildings have no worth

Everyday the world grows hotter

The polar bears can’t venture any farther

The Ice Caps will continue to melt

Most won’t care until an Impact is felt

The Waters of the Earth will rise

Oil will spill into it and give you Flammable eyes

The War will continue to Rage

Until a bomb sets the ocean ablaze, effectively turning each Continent into a flamming cage

Mother Nature shows sad rage with a feverish display of lightning

Each strike growing even more frightening

But most won’t care

They’ll simply grab an umbrella to shield their hair

These powerful storms are because Mother Nature is sad

I pray that we band together and fix this, before God show’s us he’s Mad

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A while ago I was interviewed and featured on’s author blog. Xlibris is the publishing company that put my book, Sacred Swords, on the market. Below a link is provided for the blog itself. Take a look! Oh yeah check out my book!!!!


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