Insomniac beasts

Can you sleep?

Thoughts to deep?

Cavernous cranial storms

Giving my dreams many forms

To much activity to rest

Even though sleep would be best

Devoid of rest I grow numb

My sanity is starting to succumb 

Transforming me to a nocturnal beast

Growing claws in preparation for a feast

Deliciousness sets in, am I growing fur?

My vision is starting to blur

Primal urges are acted out

Now I’m hunting about

The air is charged, soon there will be lightning

I fly into a rage that is frightening 

Pouncing on my soft plush prey

Crushing it beneath me so it can’t get away

Consuming it I finally find rest

I awake to sun coating my human nest

Still clinching my prey I rub my eyes

I release the pillow and watch the dun rise

Every night insomnia takes me somewhere new

But honestly I’d rather sleep an hour or two
Poetic Ice



Invoking the name of my mother floods me with memories/She woke me up at 6am so I wouldn’t be late/

Fed me so my mind and body would be strong/

Told me that I could handle anything that came at me/

After school I got a snack, but I “better get that homework done”/

Once it was then came the fun/

Telling jokes and annoying her as she cooked/

Asking her if I could read her chapters from a book/

It was always something, you know this or that/

When I got older it was a hand of pity-pat/

She had great patience through the years of teenage angst/

Urging me to survive college, telling me I am in control of my life/

Giving me money and home cooked meals/

Telling me that after hard work, success was on my heels/

My mother was the shoulder for me to cry on/

My mother was always my loudest cheerleader 

My mother was my first friend and teacher/

My mother was simply my mother/

A title synonymous with pure love/

Thank you for being there Mama 

Happy Mother’s Day!



Rhoda is many things, but not like any other/A passionate woman, sister, and wife, but I know her as my mother/

The one who taught me the ABC’s and how to write/

She is the first to inspire me to conquer the world with written might/

What ever we need she gAve us no matter the cost of wealth/

With every hug and kiss she would give a part of herself/

That’s how she is it will never change, Rhoda Ann is just built that way/

And I honor and appreciate her always not just Mother’s Day/

My mother is passion in its purest form/

That’s in all things so don’t earn her scorn/

She is why I live and breath/

So the fact that I’m not with her today makes my heart want to leave/

Flee back into the embrace of my mother/

The queen that’s placed above all others/

I know I’m not beside you today/

Some may not understand why but they don’t have a say/

I do promise to see you soon/

So we can have fun, bake a cake, so I can have the spoon/

Thank you for the life lessons/

Even if some were from scolding sessions/

You are heaven sent mom, the first sunrise of my life/

And on this Mother’s Day I thank you for the gift of life/

I love you mom what more can I say/

Have a truly blessed Mother’s Day 
-poetic ice