Life is War

Getting through life is war/
Each day is a battle, leaving one swollen and sore/
Daily bouts end in victory or defeat/
Disorder in the home chaos in the streets/
You know you must nonetheless fight/
Even with no strength you give it all your might/
Battle is so common you feel it’s wrong to be tired/
So you attempt to stay wired/
No rest for the weary/
No happiness for the dreary/
Only blood sweat and tears/
You either succumb to or battle back your fears/
It’s ingrained in us to win at all costs/
Don’t give up or give in, or all is lost/
But what if you just can’t lift your blade/
When spirit wanes and energy begins to fade/
Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you can exit the fray/
You hunker down and pray/
Pray for the strength to get up again/
The spirit to counterattack life and win/

-Poetic Ice

Life is hard… but so worth it.

world observations

Prophecy of September

With September coming to a close soon, I’ve come to a realization. I may be an October born Libra, but I’m a child of September Prophecy. Hold on I’ll explain it.

September is the month that has given me life changing challenges that have shaped me into the man I am today. It all started back in 2011. I was fresh out of college and had no clue on how to take on the world. I knew two things, 1. I was too smart for minimum wage manual labor, and 2. I needed money. My Aunt hooked me up with a job interview with the KRA Corporation, a workforce development company that was contracted out by th SCDEW. It was great money with benefits, but the job itself was draining and downright boring. No one was ever happy to see you and the higher ups didn’t care about you. I left work everyday with headaches, had nosebleeds and blood pressure through the roof while working there. That should paint the picture for you. That year on September 6th I moved out if my mother’s house, got the power and water turned on in my name before work that morning, drove an hour to work all to be laid off at lunch that day. It’s no secret that I hated that job, but I was ashamed to be fired.

The day I moved out was the day I got canned, so overwhelming anxiety had a grip on my heart as I tried to process how to be an adult and put food on the table for my future wife and I. After I let my rage subside I used my knowledge of SCDEW to get unemployment and use their various systems to job search.

After an entire year of that in September of 2012 my unemployment benefits ran out and I was still jobless. Then enter the next step of my life in the form of Dr. Stephanie Fotorny and The Pet Doctor LLC. I HAD an interview with her and was hired as a veterinary technician on September 17th. This was perfect, it was a job in my dream field, and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for taking the time to teach and train me.

The next two years were simply amazing with all the experiences and life events. I got married to my soul mate,  I sold a few books, and formed life long bonds. Since I was happy September decided to remind me of its destiny changing abilities. On September 17, 2014 My wife and I went shopping and while we were away got robbed, my wife’s Xbox was stolen and my Laptop. All the novels I were working on we’re saved on it, so you could imagine the rage and hurt I felt. The Candy Shop story here on my blog was halted for a long time, but as you can see I didn’t let that set me back.

Apparently this wasn’t enough of a lesson, because on the 22nd we got robbed again. My PlayStation was stolen and home was left in shambles. This sent me into a rage like no other. We packed our stuff and moved in with my mom. So I felt like I failed since I was back home with my mom and my newlywed wife. We eventually made the move from South Carolina to Augusta, Georgia.

We lived with my Mother-in-law now and this sparked a mad search for a new job. I was desperate to be a provider for my wife so after bombarding every veterinary clinic in the area with resumes and not getting a call, I went to a staffing agency and got hired by John Deere. It was quick money, paid weekly, and plenty of hours. PLENTY of hard, draining, monotonous hours where you do the same boring thing forever. Physically draining and painful. I felt like my face was being ground into a dead end wall, but I needed the money.

Within the week I was called by St. Francis Animal Hospital, a 24 hour veterinary Hospital,  filled with great people with amazing backgrounds and stories. Once hired I never looked back. I’m determined to work hard ans be useful to my fellow tech’s and the doctors. But, thus was in April let’s move to September. On September 11th, my Mother-in-law’s birthday, anniversary of a terrorist attack on our great country, my wife and I finally closed on a house that we’ve had our eyes on for months.

Ultimate victory achieved. A great job, great coworkers,  and becoming a homeowner. It’s an amazing feeling to be blessed like this. It’s humbling really. I th as no everyone s nd God for the support in this and honestly can’t wait to see what next September holds.

Poetic Ice



Dear young man

Dear young man,
Did you know you are strong?/
And courageous?/
Courageous for trying to survive this world/
And not lose your humanity/
I see you struggle to show compassion and not be labeled sensitive/
Be giving and not gullible/
Its hard to be a man, I know/
You must obtain enough strength to share/
But never fail/
Or falter/
Lest you be considered weak/
Its okay, you are powerful young man/
An immense power flows from your soul/
One that makes others lives whole/
You are appreciated young man I promise/
Because all the power you need is within you to harness/

Poetic Ice


Dear Young Woman

Dear young woman,
Did you know you are beautiful?/
And a gift to the world?/
Young woman I see your tears/
Know your fears/
And hate the words that burn your ears/
But did you know it’s just false malice?/
From people who crave your wonderland, no Alice/
The words born of those who are jealous/
Don’t take them to heart, lets not condone this/
You have the radiance of the sun/
Your laugh is the personification of fun/
Your smile will melt any heart/
So never let hateful jeers take you apart/
Pretty young woman you are phenomenal/
And a joy,
And probably without knowing stolen the heart of many a boy/
You are wanted,
And needed
Truly a gift to us all, so smile/
Just smile pretty young woman/

Poetic Ice