It’s truly a shame.
When the world around you wants to stay the same/
Much to your disdain/
The rotating world is actually static/
Now you’ve grown to dynamic to be emphatic/
Your growth is causing you to wreak havoc/
Your soul seeks change.
You must break free of the normal range.
Only then will your world truly change


P(r)aying for Salvation

People are praying for salvation
From men falsely made into prophets
By a voracious need for profit
Sadly currency dictates our lives
The common theme of happiness, war, and lies/
Such is our culture, to struggle for an alien/
Fighting and dying for little green men
Earth doesn’t need an axis, it revolves around money/
What happened to being pleased with milk and honey?/
Presidential men turned demigod by our prayers
Men who served their country didn’t want this affair./
We need a new standard of normalcy
Instead of this morbid lust for currency

Poetic Ice