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There’s this man I know,
He fills me up with love, making me glow.
He’s happy, he’s proud and a little mad too,
That his little girl was exactly like him, no matter how much she grew.

He shells out advice with the utmost care,
He’ll quietly judge what I wear.
The arms I hope will never leave,
The ones that’d never let me grieve.

He has a heart of gold,
He prefers shirts without the marks of a fold,
There’s a strength in him that is unparalleled,
As I watched him walk into the room, my heart swelled.

There’s an endless supply of love that he carries,
He never let me feel the need to believe in fairies.
at my every whim he raced,
makes sure my wins are showcased.

And now that i don’t see him everyday,
I don’t get to ‘bless’ him after i pray.
It makes…

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Take My Call

Hello, operator I’d like to place a call to Heaven

I want to ask Saint Peter a question, in fact I’m Begging

You see, he allowed my parents in, and I don’t know what to do

I was so unprepared for this I still try to call home at a quarter past two

Who would’ve thought I’d crave their guidance even as a grown man

Even thought they raised me up, I don’t think I’m ready to lead my own clan

I know In my heart I don’t have a choice

please Saint Peter, I want them to hear my voice

I want to tell them I love them

I want to say I need them

I want them to see their grandson, a real Phenom

I just want one more chance to say I love you to my mom

Saint Peter I beg of you, you can have my all!

Just name your fee, and accept my call!

My eyes burn from all these tears

Because my reality has become one of my greatest fears!

I’ll pray and do good deeds days 1-7

Just please take my call in heaven….

Poetic Ice