The Holiday Spirit


The Holiday Spirit has long since taken form

Not only becoming sentient but sadistic

Becoming an unholy menace enveloping you in a storm

Inducing emotions that corrosive and caustic


The Holiday Spirit has long since become malicious

Twisting your jolly joy into sadness and torment

Choosing now to abscond with your loved ones in ways most vicious

Making sure every time you see the colors of red and green you only lament


The Holiday Spirit has long since become a heinous being

Taking you through Hell, making you lose faith in Heaven

The loss would make you want to go on unseeing

Laughing manically as you even wondering if there is even a sentience in Heaven


The Holiday Spirit has long since forsaken us

It’s lost its luster, leaving a dark around your soul

Mourning our woeful losses is the holiday’s plan for us

The Holidays are a punishment meant to leave you less than whole


-Poetic Ice


Angels rejoice, mortals mourn 

How are you supposed to feel

When the angels rejoice and the mortals mourn/

The seraphim welcome new members with zeal/

Yet the mortals aren’t to wallow in they scorn/

Their loved one is now free of pain

Yet I can’t look up and smile

The best I can do is yell your name as I cry in the rain/

Recovery is going to take a while

Powerless, devoid of strength, weak/

A piece of your heart has ascended

Knowing you can’t perpetuate life can make one meek/

Death puts cracks your hearts armor no matter how well defended/

Now the heavenly host has two saints looking down on us/

I should take comfort in that when I look up/

But I’d rather have you with us

Is that an idea so corrupt?

I’m just saying I miss you

But I’ve yet to say it aloud

If I do I accept life without you

I should man up and make you proud/

But I’m not strong enough yet I need time/

You would say things happen when the lord wills them

Normally that would quail my mind/

But it brings me rage and sadness and honestly I blame him/

I know that’s wrong

But it’s my emotions at the most raw/

I’m sorry lord but for now that’s my song/

A hurt hymn that calms my quivering jaw/

I’m searching for my solace as the angels rejoice/

Crying angrily as the mortals mourn/

It’s a part of life I must accept with no choice/

I miss my angels, and I’m torn…
Pray for us…. 

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