Pain for Love


Somehow you always seem to validate your visceral viciousness

Your smile is nothing more than slight of hand hiding the bared fangs

your actions are the catalyst to the chemical reaction called rage

yet you always want someone on your same page

a contradiction in itself since it’s you who is always against

to be around you is to be loved and pained

to listen to you is to feel at a loss and full of gain

Friend, foe, tyrant, or liberator, no one knows what you are

the definition of enigma, you reset the bar

you inhale my love, to exhale you malice!

then grow confused when I flee down the hole like Alice

Even the mysteries of Wonderland are more straightforward

and even still i find myself craving just one more word

through the confusion you bring I’ll rise up above,

just to have that one thing from you… your love



Weakness has gathered in the heart of thee

Exposing the human being his fragility

It’s not the Human’s fault

The universe is what puts his heart under assault

The quaking sea of our soul can’t settle with ease

Especially when it’s engorged with ripples of disease

Many a mortal have developed a cure

But the deadliest remain elusive and evil at its most pure

It’s the incurable evil that makes man want to break

Especially when it’s a loved one’s life at stake

What makes you feel weak is the inability to invoke change

This leads is what makes us psychotic and deranged

You pull your hair and scream why

Feeling like you will soon die

The truth is, the fertile weakness has birthed fear

Fear that you’ll lose something that to you is dear

Who do you turn to when you are afraid?

What do you do when you are undergoing this raid?

The only thing you can do is steel your mind

Strengthen your resolve and leave that fear behind.

Abandon the fear of not being able to do anything.

No this will not prevent the maladies fate will bring

But you can become a version of strong.

Strong enough to deal with the universe’s wrong

A strength to make you able to speak

Speak loud in protest when the universe has made you weak

The dark dank evil of the universe of the evil created diseases

But it’s the human thing to protest it and not let it do as it pleases


world observations

Happy Mother’s Day

april-723022_640  Good morning world, and more importantly Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mother’s out there! As I’ve been working hard at finishing my next novel and writing random poetry I realized that I would be at work when Mother’s day started. I’d be at work when Mother’s day ended. The place I wouldn’t be is with my mother for the duration of the day.

I’m 26 years old, at least that’s what my wife and driver’s license says, and this is the first year that I’ll not be within short distance of my mother on this day. It’s a different feeling knowing that I won’t be able to hug and kiss my mom, and cater to her all the day long, but it does have one perk. It gives me a chance to appreciate all the things that Rhoda Hemingway has done for me. It gives me a chance to revel in the memories of my mother’s lessons in life and all the good times. Even the bad times are worth remembering because they never lasted. My mom never allowed negativity to last long for me because she hated to see her kids down.

Next to life, love is the most amazing gift that a mother is going to give you. Not to gloat, but my mom has the market cornered on love she is the end all be all lover of her family. My mom would at any given time give her all to make my sister and I happy. My mom spent countless hours listening to me ramble on about nothing as a child. indulging in hours of conversation about comic books and games as I got older. Supported me countless times in my endeavors as an undergrad as well as dealing with my attitude that I had that was almost unbearable. Since it’s mother’s day we’ll say I got that from Dad’s side of the family haha. No matter how much of an ass I could be Rhoda never falter in her love and adoration for me. Once adulthood took it’s toll and I leveled out into a normal human being she was right there with a smile as if to say I knew the man I raised was in there some where.

My mother is a born leader, not meant to follow any path but her own, and I can only pray that I’m half the awesome person she is. She’s a fighter, a warrior of love. Whether it was the fight to put me into a preschool program when I was only three because she knew I was smart enough, fighting to keep me going to the same school as my friends when the city tried to send me to another, or instilling the will to fight for myself when a college professor told me I wasn’t ready to take their class and I would fail, my mother is a warrior for her kids. No matter what choice I’ve made or path I’ve taken, I never took a step alone. Don’t confuse that with being led by hand through life. My mother when the time was right stepped aside and let me walk my own path, I just never had to look far for my mother’s love or help. I’m grateful to have such a woman in my life. You should be grateful for your mothers too!

I love you so much mama, I hate that I can’t be with you today, but I assure you that I’ll be with you soon. I love you mom. I love you sooooo much! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

-LeTavious “Poetic Ice” Hemingway


world observations

Things Vet Techs Don’t Like Vol 9

Just like the evil cat in your clinic who’s chronically constipated TVTDL is back again for the 9th time! It seems like this list will be infinite.


I Need an Annual Done, at 10:30pm

When working in a veterinary clinic you expect impromptu visits from clients to have their pets vaccinated at any given time during the work day. BUT when you’re working the emergency shift you don’t expect for a client to come rushing in on two wheels saying  “I need my annual vaccines done right now! I know It’s 10:30pm, but I need it now!” Okay it’s not my place to say you do or don’t need your vaccines. If you ask me I will always tell you that you need to update your vaccines yearly. BUT WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH IS IT IMPORTANT TO DO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!????  If you’re fortunate enough to have a 24 hour facility near you and you want your vaccines done at night go do it if they allow it, but seriously, schedule an appointment during regular hours if you go in and see multiple patients rushed in that got hit by cars or in dog fights or poisoned. You are kind of a non-factor for a moment while they are tended to.


This has been blogged about before, but it’s always worth mentioning again. Every Veterinary professional in existence has heard this phrase at least once or twice (A week) in their career. “You don’t care about animals, you only care about money!” it’s with a heavy sigh that I again state, Veterinary medicine is a business. Yes we care about animals, but there are still bills to pay. Certain expenses need to be covered to treat your animals. Just like with human medicine there will be expenses involved with receiving care, and more often than not those expenses are higher for emergency care, just like with humans. I promise we’re not money grubbing people. If you seen our checks you would understand that most of the money that you see going into a clinic does just that, it goes towards keeping a clinic running. If only you knew how much money flies out of the door from little minor things such as free nail trims and such that some doctors like to give to their patients as a kindness. Those little things add up over the course of a year to thousands of dollars that the doctor could have made, but didn’t because they chose to give it away. Think about that the next time you stand high and mighty on your soap box and rant that we don’t care about animals.

Insulting The Staff

Okay, I don’t know about other jobs, but in this field we aren’t employees working for a boss. We’re a family that view each other as brothers and sisters, some older, some younger, but you get the picture. We’re a blended family that doesn’t take kindly to you snickering to your friends or boldly insulting us because you don’t like our appearance or something about our hospital. We didn’t come to you and beg for you to enter our building. You came to us. The least you could do is show some respect to the people who are helping to treat your pet. Your personal opinions about the employees of the hospital you are at are not warranted. You don’t know what that particular person is going through at any given time, and that could be the the thing to set them off in an explosive way that could end badly for everyone around. Respect, I repeat, RESPECT those around you. Don’t insult my family, because I’m not insulting yours. Besides you should have some decency as a human being, it’s not like your a cat walking into the clinic looking at your human slaves…


That’s all I got for you right now, but you know it’s going to keep coming.  Refer your friends to the blog and check out the other entries in the series.

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The Age of Ultron!!!



When one of Earth’s mightiest Heroes unintentionally creates one of Earth’s greatest threats then the Avengers must once again assemble to stop it. Today I had the pleasure of going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron today with my wife and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie opens up with our favorite team of heroes taking down a Hydra base in search of Loki’s scepter so Thor can return it to Asgard for safe keeping. In this action packed opener we see the team in action with their new costumes and excellent banter amongst themselves. The fact that Captain America has such an issue with language when Tony curses made for a great running joke for the remainder of the movie.


The intro also reveals our first glimpse of the Maximoff twins in the Marvel studios universe. First, I’ll say that I love the characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. I love the roles they play in various X-men stories. I love the fact that they are the children of Magneto. I HATE WITH ASTONISHING PASSION that Fox owns the rights to the X-men franchise and there has been no mention whatsoever of their father or other mutants. Oh and Marvel’s Quicksilver looks a million times cooler than the Days of Future Past quicksilver.


Sorry about my tangent there, but it needed to be said. After the Avengers are victorious they return to the Avengers’ Mansion to enjoy plenty of revels and four our favorite “mad” scientists to try and tap into the wonders of Loki’s scepter which we learn (for those who didn’t already know) was the Mind stone. One scientific montage later and we have the code for artificial intelligence cracked, and only have to work on its interfacing w J.A.R.V.I.S. gladly takes over whilst the boys go party. The party gives us our required Stan Lee cameo, small appearances by our friends War Machine and Falcon, and we learn Jane is better than Pepper. The group hilariously attempts to lift Thor’s hammer with Captain almost giving Thor a heart attack by making it budge.


J.A.R.V.I.S. completes his work and him and Ultron duke it out for A.I. Supremacy. From this point on all the excellence that is James Spader takes center stage. Ultron’s character was excellent, his jokes and banter with the Avengers made him a great thing to see on screen. He’s officially my second favorite Marvel villain under Loki. He sets off with his need to keep the peace amongst the humans who need to evolve and takes the scepter with him. From here we get to go to Wakanda, the home of The Black Panther. We may not have gotten to see him, but we did at least name drop his home, which will be the stage of his phase three movie so I’m pleased with that. A few great battles take place and two things happen: The maximoff twins single handedly take down the Avengers minus Iron Man, and Said Iron Man kicks the Ultron’s ass. It was great to watch and not just for its cinematic beauty but I feel like it was a teaser for Thor’s third big screen film, Ragnarok. Heimdall telling Thor that he killed them all was a clear clue. Ragnarok was the cataclysmic event that ended the lives of the Norse Gods according to their mythos so I can’t wait to see what happens there.

Now after this battle, our heroes are rattled and trying to plan their next move giving our metal friend all the time he needs to build his army, and try to make the ultimate android body. He damn near succeeds in uploading himself into the body, finally giving Scarlett Witch access to his mind and with it visions of the world ending. The Avengers conveniently show up giving the twins a time to escape. Another city wide battle takes place in which Captain America goes one on one with the big bad which makes for a great fight. The Android body is recovered by the team at the cost of Black Widow. This leads the “mad” scientists to complete the Android as quickly as possible. Before they could get done the other team members attempt to stop them, but one Asgardian has other plans. With godly aid The Vision is born with an infinity stone adorned on his forehead. Black Widow is located and they rush off for their final battle.

Our heroes truly shine here as they fight to defend these people in this city as well as stop the Ultron. With his plan to turn this massive city to a meteor and cause an extinction level event. The heroes fight with all they have as well as save the citizens. They truly have the people’s safety in mind, unlike a certain kryptonian in Man of Steel… just saying. With a battle of this magnitude of course there is going to be a loss. Ultron on his last leg commandeers a shield jet and tries one last time to kill the Avengers with strafing gunfire. Quicksilver sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye and an innocent child and I felt my heart ache along with Scarlett Witch. Thanks to a certain one eyed hero the city is evacuated and the meteor/city is destroyed. Leaving only the Ultron to be destroyed by what he hoped to create, the Vision.


Our Heroes once again scatter themselves. Tony leaves the initiative for hopes of a quieter life it seems. Thor back to Asgard to learn more of the Infinity stones and the threat behind them. Dr. Banner off to parts unknown for everyone’s safety. This leaves Widow and the Captain to train the next phase of the Avengers, which now includes Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Falcon. Yet again our heroes survive. The world lives to turn another day, and it’s peacekeeping force grows again. But how long will it last? Not long if Thanos has a say in the matter. He again makes an appearance now bearing the Infinity Gauntlet without any of the stones. This leads me to believe he is now doubling his efforts to collect them and bring death across the cosmos. He does after all court death itself.

So now the stage is set for Thor to stop Ragnarok or die trying, for Captain to continue his search for The Winter Soldier, and Thanos to make his first official entrance into the Fray. What do you think will come next? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy fine another of the 6 infinity stones? Will their travels lead them to the Terrain world Earth? Are Ant-man and/or the Black Panther going to come across one? Who knows what’s in store for the next phase of Marvel movies, but I know I’m hella excited for it.


Your move DC.

-Poetic Ice