Poetic Ice: The Poet, The Author, The Blogger

This is the part where I give you the basic run down of me right? Well let’s keep it simple. I am a man in my mid 20’s who is happily married and working in the field of veterinary medicine as a vet tech. I have a B.S. degree in biology and a doctorate in Sarcasm. When all else fails or I’m alone with a pen or keypad for too long I write. Writing poetry short stories and novels just consume me.

I wrote a novel Titled Sacred Swords and had it published with Xlibris. Iys a fiction fantasy story as bout to young adults who set down a path that rips there conceptions of reality away from them and shows them they are descended from God’s and are the only.ones who can stop this ancient evil that is about to come back. Its available now on Amazon, and has a Facebook page–> http://www.Facebook.com/Sacredswords

I’m not asking to be the next big name in fiction I’m just asking to be seen when it comes to writing. I’m going to be a writer until the day I day, so I may as well blog along the way!

-Poetic Ice

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