My Poetry

My poetry

It’s been a while, I’ve been too nice
The world almost forgot about Ice
Poetically gifted
coming to you live with the bullshit sifted
the world bores me with it’s rhyming game
these people are becoming mentally lame

Yes my old has improved since I got a wife
My eternal Sun, the love of my life
but I’m still the poetic king of the east
I’m still the word smith, ink bleeding beast
Still able to fill your world with light
or tear your psyche asunder with my pen’ might

poetry is the battlefield of light and dark
sharpened halo’s & flaming pitch forks leave their mark
Both sides pulling, claiming you as one of them
is my pen of demonic allegiance or the seraphim?
I guess this pen will create a fallen angel’s wings
creating verses meant to be spoken by kings

one or two fans will never suffice
The whole world will know Poetic Ice

-Poetic Ice


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