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Happy 4th of July!!!


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

I know that America has been kind of crazy this year. Everyone is either combating equality, police brutality, hate crimes, racism, or even a rise in shark attacks right now Everyone has had something to say about homosexuality, confederate flags, and innocent people being slain while attending church. Churches have burned down quietly without media attention and said media focus on stars becoming pregnant or becoming women.

Instead of all this psychosis and hatred can’t we just remember that in 1776 a brave group of Americans decided to declare independence? Hence forth Americans have fought to obtain and maintain equality for it’s citizens. We’re all citizens that benefit from all that fighting and sacrifice yet all we can do is focus on how we don’t believe in something or think something is wrong thus we hate it and protest it. Some let their hate drive their hearts to violence. Others get driven to suicide. Why does this have to happen when all the sacrifices since 1776 made it so they didn’t and shouldn’t?

We’ve become an entitled society of spoiled brats who think things have to go our way or no way at all. We think violence and hateful rhetoric will sway all to our side when we think the “opposition”  is gaining too much ground. That’s not the case. Its an American Instinct to rise up and fight against that violence and hateful rhetoric until equality is restored. Hence the declaration of independence back in 1776.

So starting today, can we go back to being Americans again? standing side by side hand in hand against the world and not each other. Can we just celebrate Independence day together as we should and not worry about a person’s sexuality, race, religion, or any flag other than the Star Spangled Banner? I am, life is easier when you look at the masses as brethren and not opposition.

Happy Independence Day!!!

-Poetic Ice



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