Gaming for Life

Insert 4 Coin(s) of creativity
Select your god-given character
& Press Start on reality
your Life Meter is stuck on 1
remember you rarely get a continue
The Level is ongoing don’t try to Pause me
You don’t have time for that
you have to collect your educational Power-Ups & all that
Get enough so you can collect the Gold Coins
with enough Gold Coins you could get a Gold Ring
when you save your single Princess, you can put a Chaos Emerald on that thing
now on your 1 Player journey, you have a Player 2
Insert 4 more coin(s) of Love, Honesty, Passion, and Trust for the both of you
Now you can live a Super Sonic life style for a while chasing each others Tails
Eventually you will earn another Life it never Fails
Now thers a new Sequel to add to the Next Generation
Raise it’s Levels right and during the Credits you’ll get a standing ovation
Cue the Ending Credits, Thanks 4 playing you really kept it Goin’
You got the Highscore, now it’s time for the Next Generation to Insert Coin(s)28358_10150204078325722_5740128_n


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