Dear Young Woman

Dear young woman,
Did you know you are beautiful?/
And a gift to the world?/
Young woman I see your tears/
Know your fears/
And hate the words that burn your ears/
But did you know it’s just false malice?/
From people who crave your wonderland, no Alice/
The words born of those who are jealous/
Don’t take them to heart, lets not condone this/
You have the radiance of the sun/
Your laugh is the personification of fun/
Your smile will melt any heart/
So never let hateful jeers take you apart/
Pretty young woman you are phenomenal/
And a joy,
And probably without knowing stolen the heart of many a boy/
You are wanted,
And needed
Truly a gift to us all, so smile/
Just smile pretty young woman/

Poetic Ice



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