One can’t escape the gravity of your soul/
Drawing me in consuming me whole/
Adding me to your greatness, we operate as one/
Bound through eternity, burning brighter than the sun/
A bond so unique, a way to describe it I haven’t heard/
Just saying love is too simple a word/
Yet no truer word can be said other than love/
We’ll have to create a new word as our souls soar above/
Shining bright as we go so far/
Together were a celestial event, a love star/
Our bond will only grow in power/
Until we go supernova and start an amorous meteor shower/
Becoming a gift for the heavens to see/
Astronomical is truly how I see you and me/

Poetic Ice




The stars are terribly far away, but we are taught to reach for them

bright burning orbs light years away that teach us every single day

Teach us that no matter what we must burn on

burn on and burn bright so we can illuminate all

Be the guiding light for those who may one day falter and fall

though we may ourselves fall, we must never dim

we must keep going burn on just like them

ever present, ever luminescent

burn bright like a star, for when you do your light reaches so far

Poetic Ice