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To Swag or not to Swag

A few days back I wrote a poem titled S.W.A.G., which stands for Some Will Always Go. What I was getting at is that some members of our society always go with the will always fall into the trends of the media and/or the will of others that ate in a position of “Power”. By power I mean those in the media with influence over the masses. These people include but aren’t limited to celebrities of the music and film world, magazines that instruct you on what is in and what isn’t, and tv shows/trends. I wrote the poem because more often than not I see a lot of people around me following the trends of the masses, losing their individuality and a lot of the time their morality. Whether they are buying new shoes and dependent on a government program to feed their kids or people with so little respect for each other they address each other with derogatory slurs. It just enraged me at times, here read it,

The world today lives for Swag/
And the pursuit of the name brand tag/
S.W.A.G., Some Will Always Go/
Go along with the plans of their foe/
What foe? The materialistic mainstream mindset/
The need to out do your own people, and call ppl derogatory words and not fret/
Some kids have never seen a real human adult/
If you ask them to identify ppl, bitch hoe trick and nigga will be the result/
Young men embark upon their Jordan’s quest/
Young women try to see who’s pregnancy is best/
All on a journey of no work to get Money/
Refusing to believe education could lead to the land of milk and honey/
S.W.A.G., it doesn’t always bode well/
Some Will Always Go along with another’s will/
The will that leads to a followers mentality/
The path will compromise your morality/
Sending people to a world where no one pays/
A world where Nigga I’ll kill for them J’s/
A reality where she said she’ll never work/
I’ll pull me a baller with the power of twerk/
A world where December is no longer the limit of Jolly/
Because the masses get turned up on that Molly/
A world where every thing we must wear is rare/
Because I don’t worry about anything, I’m on welfare/
These people live by the creed of swag/
If you aren’t flaunting them riches, you’re a rag/
There is no need to take a stand/
Why use my mind and be a man?/
I’m trying to be the most hated/
I’m trying to see how quickly I get faded/
Everything in my small world will be alright/
Because I got a job moving that White!/
S.W.A.G., the disease affecting our minds/
Trying to keep up with trends is making us blind/
Some Will Always Go towards the fads and lack of individuality/
Some Will Always Go away from intelligence and factuality/
Stuck trying to have the top Hashtag/
Because they are in the mentality of S.W.A.G.

With that said, I’m not saying I’ve never bought a pair of new expensive shoes, or used generational slurs/slang. That’s just part of growing up in your generation, but I didn’t let the trends consume me and I grew out of those ways and tendencies. What I don’t get is why these things have power over so many of us? Why Are young men compelled to call young girls bitches and hoes? Why do girls rely on pregnancy as a means of relationship/financial survival? Why do so many people turn to drugs and drinking to feel good? Why do so many of us have a S.W.A.G. mentality?

What can we do to stop it, or at least alter it. Each generation will have its own sense of style. But style must not give way to mind alteration right? Just because you want to dress in the trendiest clothes of the time doesn’t mean you should seek to be a better person. Your style should prevent you from hunting education or respecting your peers/elders. Your style should never give rise to the need to use violence/treachery to obtain something that’s “In”. Once your style aka swag gets to this point it’s no longer style, it’s shackles. Iron clad shackles around your soul that have kept you from achieving your full potential as a human being. Do we really want that for ourselves? We already only use 10% of our brain power, why limit ourselves more just because we look good in Gucci? Swag just isn’t worth it, because it’ll most likely all be worthless by media standards within a few years anyway. So why follow up with it if it’s just a hindrance to us as a species when it gets taken to this level?

But that’s just my two cents on my observations of the world around me.

Poetic Ice


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