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21 weeks pregnant and happy

Morning peeps, with all the new developments in my life I decided to make a vlog to talk about my experience with my wife’s pregnancy. Everyone is always there for the woman and rightfully so I just want an open forum for male support too. A place wheee we can discuss our joys, fears, and blessings with each other and most of all give advice to each other because we have no clue what’s going on lol. Long story short I’m overjoyed and happy to update she’s 21 weeks pregnant and I love talking about her lol

21 weeks pregnant vlog here!





Journey To Parenthood, We're On YouTube

Journey to Parenthood

It’s been so long since I wrote anything. I’m sorry for that but life has been moving at lightning speed yet slowed to a standstill. I’m glad to tell the world that we’re expecting our first child! As I wrote this my sexy and amazing wife is five months pregnant. I’m literally in a car traveling back to my hometown for our Gender Reveal. I’m soooo excited to finally find out our baby’s gender. I just can’t wait to assign a pronoun to the little one.

My wife is the most amazing woman I’ve ever encountered. The only woman to make me look twice and yet again she drops my jaw as she grows our child within her. The pregnancy thus far has been keeping me on pins and needles. Every new change, pain, or stretching feeling has me with bated breath trying to tend to her. I’m not going to lie I’ve been shaken by the fact that we had a previous miscarriage. I’ll do all it takes to be sure that she is happy and as low stress as possible.

But as you can see the little Hemingway is growing just fine and apparently loves to dance like their mother, and hates people in their face like me. They so far have managed to turn every ultrasound sounds since they have had legs into a dance show or game of covert ops hide and seek. It’s amazing to see the little bugger but show off when we need you to hahaha!

I said all that just to say I’m so glad, amazed, proud, and blessed to have Devin as my wife and to be helping her bring new life into the world.

More updates soon, in the meantime check out our YouTube channel for all things us Click Here!!!

world observations

Things Vet Techs volume 13

I’ve reached lucky number 13 of the Things Vet Techs Don’t Like series!!! Thanks for sticking around thus far. You guys/gals are the real MVPs.


The first point I’d like to make is comical. It’s funny That this even happened in real life, but let’s get to it.


1. The Preganancy Test Came Back Negative.
Pregnancy is a thing that can be detected easily and early in humans thanks to pregancy tests. They can be bought at almost all convenience stores and even the Dollar Tree. They relay results in a matter of seconds, to and for humans. They can be of aid in life planning, to humans. Sadly, they don’t work on canines and felines… no, nope, sorry, no can do…
W. T. F.
When a client comes in due to their pet having pregancy complications the staff gets into a rush to save the life of your pet and its offspring. We gather a history and go over the price of radiography and possible surgery if it comes to that. All standard procedure, but we get understandably thrown off by you telling us that your home pregancy test came up negative for your pet so you didn’t think this was a possibility. I think I cried laughing when I heard about this. I can’t even with sentient humanity sometimes..


2. In dog years?
Okay I’d like to think normal sane people with common sense read my blog. Well as sane as us veterinary professionals get anyway. With that said I’m going to ask you a question that I want you to answer without hesitation.

How old is your dog?
See, not complicated right. You answered it mentally without a second thought right. You, like most of the world said “blank” years old. Well we as vet tech’s don’t like when clients come in and retort to the question with, “In dog years?”. (Insert angry face here, preferably one with fangs and fire)
We didn’t ask for that, nor would we ever. It only gets worse when someone gets mentally constipated and can’t calculate it so they get anxious as if now they have signed their dogs death certificate. “I don’t know, I’ve never done The math… wait, hold on I’ll tell you… it’s…. I don’t know” Is what happens next. Its okay that You don’t know, we don’t need it, but don’t bog us down with that As we gather info on your pet. “In dog years” depends on a dog’s breed/size and living situation anyway. Its age determines the protocols we use on it, The actual approximation/conversion isn’t necessary, but it is fun to know.


3. Self Entitled Pricks
The title says it all, and any vet tech, office manager, and veterinarian can understand it without elaboration. But since I have “civilians” that read this I’ll go into it. Veterinary professionals work in this business knowing that the will encounter a person/family/organization that thinks the work you do should be free or discounted. While you are at it throw in some free prescriptions and a bag of food as well.
I don’t know what it is that compels people into thinking that veterinary medicine is free volunteer work instead of a fully functioning business.

Its a group of professionals providing a service, and that service does come with a fee. The fee is due at the time the services are rendered. Its comparable to taking your care to a mechanic. They expect payment after the labor. They love what they do, just like we do. The difference is they don’t have to take a bullet financially when entitled prices come in. We often have to eat costs, and or give away services for free because of people thinking they deserve it, or worse when they are stolen. I say stolen as in a surgery being done, and a person refusing to pay even though they agreed to, even signed an estimate stating they would. We can’t legally hold your pet until you pay, so that means we have to eat that cost. Its irritating, hell it’s maddening to go through. Enough of that and a owner/office manager has to let staff go. Of it continues a business has to shut down. No one wants that, veterinary professionals need jobs too.



4. Abandoned Pets
The quickest way to earn the rage and wrath of a vet tech is to abandon your pet. Just the mere mention of such an act earns you their contempt and they never forget it. The fact that you don’t even have the decency to re-home them or take them to a shelter or rescue group is sickening. What if you were left out in the street forced to fend for yourself in a world you don’t understand? No that’s not good enough, let me put it in perspective for you. You abandoning your pet in the streets is like you being ripped from you home and dropped into another country that doesn’t speak your native language with no map, GPS, currency, and supplies to live. Where you will either be killed or just await hour painful death of starvation and parasites. That is basically what one does when they are abandoning a pet. So to hell with you if you do it. The two pups pictured above were abandoned where I work on a freezing winter morning. At least that human chose to leave them at a veterinary clinic, but still what the hell? They were barely off their mothers milk, and honestly probably had another week to go. They are two loving dogs that crave attention and love and fear being alone. Probably because they were ripped from their mom too early… anyway the hospital took them in, gave them someplace warm to live and food. As you all who read my blog know I lost my little Diva recently and my wife and I were looking for another dog. So, these two are my new dogs. We love them to death, and I get enraged every time I think of them being thrown out onto the streets….

That’s volume 13 for ya, hope you like it and can identify. Share it with your friends and family. Hope you have a happy holiday! Now here’s a funny pic just cause.


-Poetic Ice

world observations

To Swag or not to Swag

A few days back I wrote a poem titled S.W.A.G., which stands for Some Will Always Go. What I was getting at is that some members of our society always go with the will always fall into the trends of the media and/or the will of others that ate in a position of “Power”. By power I mean those in the media with influence over the masses. These people include but aren’t limited to celebrities of the music and film world, magazines that instruct you on what is in and what isn’t, and tv shows/trends. I wrote the poem because more often than not I see a lot of people around me following the trends of the masses, losing their individuality and a lot of the time their morality. Whether they are buying new shoes and dependent on a government program to feed their kids or people with so little respect for each other they address each other with derogatory slurs. It just enraged me at times, here read it,

The world today lives for Swag/
And the pursuit of the name brand tag/
S.W.A.G., Some Will Always Go/
Go along with the plans of their foe/
What foe? The materialistic mainstream mindset/
The need to out do your own people, and call ppl derogatory words and not fret/
Some kids have never seen a real human adult/
If you ask them to identify ppl, bitch hoe trick and nigga will be the result/
Young men embark upon their Jordan’s quest/
Young women try to see who’s pregnancy is best/
All on a journey of no work to get Money/
Refusing to believe education could lead to the land of milk and honey/
S.W.A.G., it doesn’t always bode well/
Some Will Always Go along with another’s will/
The will that leads to a followers mentality/
The path will compromise your morality/
Sending people to a world where no one pays/
A world where Nigga I’ll kill for them J’s/
A reality where she said she’ll never work/
I’ll pull me a baller with the power of twerk/
A world where December is no longer the limit of Jolly/
Because the masses get turned up on that Molly/
A world where every thing we must wear is rare/
Because I don’t worry about anything, I’m on welfare/
These people live by the creed of swag/
If you aren’t flaunting them riches, you’re a rag/
There is no need to take a stand/
Why use my mind and be a man?/
I’m trying to be the most hated/
I’m trying to see how quickly I get faded/
Everything in my small world will be alright/
Because I got a job moving that White!/
S.W.A.G., the disease affecting our minds/
Trying to keep up with trends is making us blind/
Some Will Always Go towards the fads and lack of individuality/
Some Will Always Go away from intelligence and factuality/
Stuck trying to have the top Hashtag/
Because they are in the mentality of S.W.A.G.

With that said, I’m not saying I’ve never bought a pair of new expensive shoes, or used generational slurs/slang. That’s just part of growing up in your generation, but I didn’t let the trends consume me and I grew out of those ways and tendencies. What I don’t get is why these things have power over so many of us? Why Are young men compelled to call young girls bitches and hoes? Why do girls rely on pregnancy as a means of relationship/financial survival? Why do so many people turn to drugs and drinking to feel good? Why do so many of us have a S.W.A.G. mentality?

What can we do to stop it, or at least alter it. Each generation will have its own sense of style. But style must not give way to mind alteration right? Just because you want to dress in the trendiest clothes of the time doesn’t mean you should seek to be a better person. Your style should prevent you from hunting education or respecting your peers/elders. Your style should never give rise to the need to use violence/treachery to obtain something that’s “In”. Once your style aka swag gets to this point it’s no longer style, it’s shackles. Iron clad shackles around your soul that have kept you from achieving your full potential as a human being. Do we really want that for ourselves? We already only use 10% of our brain power, why limit ourselves more just because we look good in Gucci? Swag just isn’t worth it, because it’ll most likely all be worthless by media standards within a few years anyway. So why follow up with it if it’s just a hindrance to us as a species when it gets taken to this level?

But that’s just my two cents on my observations of the world around me.

Poetic Ice