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Road Rage


This will be short and sweet. One thing I just can’t stand or tolerate is ROAD RAGE. This morning my wife and I are headed out to gel my brother set up for his wedding and we met the morning commuters of Augusta Georgia. These citizens, just like in any other metropolitan area, are in a big rush to get onto the highway and speed to their hearts content. If you are impeding said citizen from achieving this goal the carnal rage boils forth and permeates their very souls.

We were at a red light waiting to make a right turn onto Washington road, probably one of the busiest roads in Augusta. A commuter in the leftmost turning lane was in the front beside is in the right. The difference was they had a rage monster behind them sitting impatiently in a mustang. Traffic was too busy to just jump out there so the lead cars waited. Mr. Mustang started laying on the horn in 30 second intervals and started to display impatient body language. As time went on, no more than a minute, they became more irate. The van beside us eventually had a clear shot to go, and the mustang quickly followed suit and sped around the van.

The past that irritates the holy hell out of me is the fact that you feel entitles to rush someone like that. I’m not say one wouldn’t get frustrated depending on their situation. I know I’ve had my moments when I get mad behind the wheel, but today That van had no choice but to wait. That van couldn’t change the traffic density and just jump out there safely. The rage was just unnecessary. Honking their horn didn’t do anything but possible give them some since of personal relief. Stuff like that just bothers the hell out of me. Its bullying via vehicle that could lead to death if a person actually goats one to jump out into traffic ahead of time.

Stop with the road rage people… that’s just my two cents on the matter.

What irritates you guys?

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