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Title for my story


Need a title for my new story… think egyptian gods, young rebellious man, and creatures if the night…. what do you think?

1. Fire and Isis
2. The order of Isis
3. The knot of TYET

Any of those grip you?

I’m asking the world because I suck at titles. A 21 year old college student with a brazen nature is a natural magnet for chaos and trouble. This constantly infuriates his father who is a man who lives with all in order and planned. His nature leads him to discover the tomb of the Goddess Isis. Once she is raised from the Duat, strange things begin to happen around the world. He soon learns that she didn’t rise alone. He must find away to stop the other beasts and God’s that have risen with her as well as resist his love for the Goddess Isis. Blood is the key, blood is what feeds These immortals, how much will need to be spilled?

No clue what to title it lol any ideas?

Poetic Ice


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