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Money, The New Holiday Spirit

Halloween has come and gone yet again. The dust hasn’t even settled on the spooky celebration and we in America have been bombarded with Christmas music, ads, and sales on every media outlet available. Its only the first week of November and we’re already singing Christmas carols.


No Turkey For You

I’ve yet to see mention of Thanksgiving. The American media has been driven to consumerism and away from any kind of Holiday spirit. Turkey day isn’t an important matter to the world anymore because there’s not that much profit to be had. The most a lot of people do for that day in November is buy a lot of food. People buy food regardless, and periodically people buy a lot if food for events and parties, so all year round this happens. No real money earn here for stores in comparison to people dropping loads of cash on gifts and decorations for Christmas.


Mo, mo, mo, Money!

The stores push you to spend as much as possible starting November 1st. The spirit of the holidays is no apparently measured on receipts. There is no push for togetherness, love, family bonding, or caring for others. We don’t bond like we used to, and are made to feel bad if we don’t drop whole paychecks on gifts. What happened to the spirit of the holidays? That joy of being with your loved ones and wanting to just spread love and be loved. There used to be more emphasis on giving the gift than buying the gift.

That’s just my two cents… I guess in honor of the holidays, my two thousand on the subject…

Poetic Ice


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