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Things Vet Techs Don’t Like Volume 14

There are a myriad of things in this world that just tick off vet techs. SOOO many rage inducing situations where we simply have to smile and move on to our jobs before we catch a law suit against us. Why do we do it? Because we knew going into this job we love animals and want to help them. So if you see a vet tech taking a minute to breath and calm down, let them. Know that they will still do their best for your pet, but yeah, you did piss them off.


I’m a (Insert medical profession here) so do your job this way

Okay, I know this has been sort of mentioned before. I know my vet tech readers are familiar with this and reading the title instantly recalled a time where this has happened to them personally. For all you civilians let me break it down for you. We just love when someone comes into our clinic seeking help for their pet, but feel the need to tell us how to do our job. Some of the worst encounters we have is with medical doctors who attempt to tell you what test to run and what medications to dose out. A lot of them tend to look down upon us in the field as we aren’t doing human medicine so we aren’t really working. We’re just playing with their animals. The blatant arrogance and disrespect have definitely made me want to punch them in the face and help them eat a stethoscope or two. If you come to the office then let us do what we do, we don’t go to the hospital and tell you what you should be doing.


You probably CAN’T answer this question, but…

This phrase before a question will set my fuse off instantly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to know everything in the world. I’m not that arrogant. But I do take my job seriously and have the education to back it that makes me able to either answer or find an answer for a client. Hearing a client say “you probably can’t answer this question, but” before asking something that is usually a fairy easy question to answer. This phrase is heard every once and a while, and that is to be expected. The truly irritating thing is when one client will use it multiple times in one visit. Like for every single question they have to ask you when the doctor isn’t around. Just because technicians aren’t doctors doesn’t mean they are idiots meant to fill space in the clinic. Give us some freaking credit.


Adherence to policy means you don’t care about animals

Veterinary hospitals go through spells where it seems like every third client will be one in a horrible predicament; their pet will be in dire immediate need of our various services and they will be lacking in the funds necessary to pay for the treatment. I know I’ve brought this up before, but it’s a repetitive thing in my business. It’s also been happening a lot lately for me personally. I bring it up not because of that, but because of the argument that comes after it as of late.

“So, because I don’t have all the money right now you’re just going to let my dog die?”

“You don’t have a payment plan? You don’t care about animals, it’s all about the money for you!”

“I don’t have that kind of money, I’ll just use a bullet instead!”

“This whole business is just a rip off. Nothing you do for an animal should cost that much.”

“You are the devil! You’re supposed to help out of the kindness of your heart, but that’s just a lie isn’t it?”


I could go on, but you get the point. Vet techs hate this aspect of the job, but after a while you become so desensitized that it barely fazes you anymore. You know you have to do what you can with what you have to help the animal that’s in need. If you don’t have the funds then you can’t do the test and/or administer medications or surgery. We know that in these times of dire need emotions are running high and tempers flare easily, so we try to keep the situation calm and get the client either out of the door or into a room so we can get to work on the patient. But just know we are pissed off beyond belief because we get truly tired, exhausted from hearing just how evil we are for working at a business. Take a look at the word business there. Do you know what’s required to keep the lights on at a business, to buy the supplies/tools necessary to do the business, employ the staff to work the front and back of said business, to advertise it, to manage it, and last but not least pay the doctors to treat your pets at the business? Money. Money is the requirement, just like at any other business. So why the F**K is that so hard to believe in veterinary medicine? Only the Lord will ever know…….


*Takes deep breath* rant over…. This is just my 2 cents on the matter. See you soon!

Poetic Ice


P(r)aying for Salvation

People are praying for salvation
From men falsely made into prophets
By a voracious need for profit
Sadly currency dictates our lives
The common theme of happiness, war, and lies/
Such is our culture, to struggle for an alien/
Fighting and dying for little green men
Earth doesn’t need an axis, it revolves around money/
What happened to being pleased with milk and honey?/
Presidential men turned demigod by our prayers
Men who served their country didn’t want this affair./
We need a new standard of normalcy
Instead of this morbid lust for currency

Poetic Ice

world observations

Money, The New Holiday Spirit

Halloween has come and gone yet again. The dust hasn’t even settled on the spooky celebration and we in America have been bombarded with Christmas music, ads, and sales on every media outlet available. Its only the first week of November and we’re already singing Christmas carols.


No Turkey For You

I’ve yet to see mention of Thanksgiving. The American media has been driven to consumerism and away from any kind of Holiday spirit. Turkey day isn’t an important matter to the world anymore because there’s not that much profit to be had. The most a lot of people do for that day in November is buy a lot of food. People buy food regardless, and periodically people buy a lot if food for events and parties, so all year round this happens. No real money earn here for stores in comparison to people dropping loads of cash on gifts and decorations for Christmas.


Mo, mo, mo, Money!

The stores push you to spend as much as possible starting November 1st. The spirit of the holidays is no apparently measured on receipts. There is no push for togetherness, love, family bonding, or caring for others. We don’t bond like we used to, and are made to feel bad if we don’t drop whole paychecks on gifts. What happened to the spirit of the holidays? That joy of being with your loved ones and wanting to just spread love and be loved. There used to be more emphasis on giving the gift than buying the gift.

That’s just my two cents… I guess in honor of the holidays, my two thousand on the subject…

Poetic Ice