YoU can waste youur time looking in the sky wishing on shooting stars.
I date the sun, I dont wish.
I spend my spare time shooting stars.
My thought flow is lethal, damn near explosive.
I spit intellectual acid, that ish corrosive.
Lol I guess when I get a headache n talk u could call it a chemical suicide bomb.
Im nothing like that majority of mediocrity.
Im with the minority of individuality.
Truth of the matter im one of the few left classified as a real man.
There is no C6H12O6 where I stand.
When was the last time you reached out and saved a life,
touched a heart,
inspired a youth,
and pointed out the truth?
Go ahead tell me, i’ll wait…..
Oh never, u arent even worthy enough to be shark bait.
I no longer have time 4 you lames.
Im so far gone from being the same.
May as well crown me The Winner because I surpassed u all.
I got drunk off that redbull, grew wings and transcended that stereotypical fall.
I”m going to take the willing with me, I’m going places in life
If you’re willing to try we can transcend the stereotypes and redundant strife.
or you could give up and fail… fall… drown in the Sin
I don’t have time for you… it’s two thousand and WIN!…

-Poetic Ice

(Wrote this back in College, can we say cocky? lol)


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