YoU can waste youur time looking in the sky wishing on shooting stars.
I date the sun, I dont wish.
I spend my spare time shooting stars.
My thought flow is lethal, damn near explosive.
I spit intellectual acid, that ish corrosive.
Lol I guess when I get a headache n talk u could call it a chemical suicide bomb.
Im nothing like that majority of mediocrity.
Im with the minority of individuality.
Truth of the matter im one of the few left classified as a real man.
There is no C6H12O6 where I stand.
When was the last time you reached out and saved a life,
touched a heart,
inspired a youth,
and pointed out the truth?
Go ahead tell me, i’ll wait…..
Oh never, u arent even worthy enough to be shark bait.
I no longer have time 4 you lames.
Im so far gone from being the same.
May as well crown me The Winner because I surpassed u all.
I got drunk off that redbull, grew wings and transcended that stereotypical fall.
I”m going to take the willing with me, I’m going places in life
If you’re willing to try we can transcend the stereotypes and redundant strife.
or you could give up and fail… fall… drown in the Sin
I don’t have time for you… it’s two thousand and WIN!…

-Poetic Ice

(Wrote this back in College, can we say cocky? lol)


Room Full Of Vultures

Their eyes are on you.
Let em watch.
They want you dead.
Let em prey.
Stay in step, dont you dare change./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
Walk proud with yo head held high./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
They built their lives up hating yours.
Let em./
They try to sew seeds of deceit in your life./
But their green thumb died./
They are stalking you but dont you dare speed up./
Trot bravely and show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Dont play their stupid game, just win it./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
They constantly break glass in ya path to hurt you./
Keep walkin on your Iron will and you wont be hurt./
They lose they mind over you and throw condoms in the air, waiting for you to f**k up./
Abstain their fickle hate and move forward./
They beg you to change from your greatness./
Dont you dare give in, show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Leave the suckas in their closed box and keep your mind free./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./

Poetic Ice

Never give in, never give up, you aren’t prey, you are a predator of your ambitions and no one else can deny you of them


Raw Power

Ever wake up and felt like you had undeniable raw power?

Like you could reshape the world around you within the hour?

Okay maybe not on such a grand scale.

But why not casually hold the power to throw a blue whale?

Is this the power to control the world’s very elements?

Or with a simple touch cure all earthly ailments.

Ok its not that, but this feeling isn’t a coindence.

Its something better, God given Self-Confidence.

A feeling of immense power from within thy self.

A power that should be used, its part of your wealth.

Look in the mirror smiling, and bring yourself to prominence.

Always take pride in you, exude your Self-Confidence.


-Poetic Ice