Mother Nature

Mother Nature’s tears pour.

Tryna cleanse Earth’s whores.

Not prostitutes, but people whoring her resources.

Tryna wash away ideas that led to wrong courses.

That’s why there is such a thunderous rain.

Mother Nature is sharing her pain.

Too much oil and blood spills.

Black crude causes animal kills.

The shores will blacken with a mess that can’t be swept.

And she knows this, that’s why she wept.

Mother Nature knows not what to do with Earth

Sink holes swallow the ground, so Your corporate buildings have no worth

Everyday the world grows hotter

The polar bears can’t venture any farther

The Ice Caps will continue to melt

Most won’t care until an Impact is felt

The Waters of the Earth will rise

Oil will spill into it and give you Flammable eyes

The War will continue to Rage

Until a bomb sets the ocean ablaze, effectively turning each Continent into a flamming cage

Mother Nature shows sad rage with a feverish display of lightning

Each strike growing even more frightening

But most won’t care

They’ll simply grab an umbrella to shield their hair

These powerful storms are because Mother Nature is sad

I pray that we band together and fix this, before God show’s us he’s Mad


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