Rhoda is many things, but not like any other/A passionate woman, sister, and wife, but I know her as my mother/

The one who taught me the ABC’s and how to write/

She is the first to inspire me to conquer the world with written might/

What ever we need she gAve us no matter the cost of wealth/

With every hug and kiss she would give a part of herself/

That’s how she is it will never change, Rhoda Ann is just built that way/

And I honor and appreciate her always not just Mother’s Day/

My mother is passion in its purest form/

That’s in all things so don’t earn her scorn/

She is why I live and breath/

So the fact that I’m not with her today makes my heart want to leave/

Flee back into the embrace of my mother/

The queen that’s placed above all others/

I know I’m not beside you today/

Some may not understand why but they don’t have a say/

I do promise to see you soon/

So we can have fun, bake a cake, so I can have the spoon/

Thank you for the life lessons/

Even if some were from scolding sessions/

You are heaven sent mom, the first sunrise of my life/

And on this Mother’s Day I thank you for the gift of life/

I love you mom what more can I say/

Have a truly blessed Mother’s Day 
-poetic ice


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