Invoking the name of my mother floods me with memories/She woke me up at 6am so I wouldn’t be late/

Fed me so my mind and body would be strong/

Told me that I could handle anything that came at me/

After school I got a snack, but I “better get that homework done”/

Once it was then came the fun/

Telling jokes and annoying her as she cooked/

Asking her if I could read her chapters from a book/

It was always something, you know this or that/

When I got older it was a hand of pity-pat/

She had great patience through the years of teenage angst/

Urging me to survive college, telling me I am in control of my life/

Giving me money and home cooked meals/

Telling me that after hard work, success was on my heels/

My mother was the shoulder for me to cry on/

My mother was always my loudest cheerleader 

My mother was my first friend and teacher/

My mother was simply my mother/

A title synonymous with pure love/

Thank you for being there Mama 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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