Insomniac beasts

Can you sleep?

Thoughts to deep?

Cavernous cranial storms

Giving my dreams many forms

To much activity to rest

Even though sleep would be best

Devoid of rest I grow numb

My sanity is starting to succumb 

Transforming me to a nocturnal beast

Growing claws in preparation for a feast

Deliciousness sets in, am I growing fur?

My vision is starting to blur

Primal urges are acted out

Now I’m hunting about

The air is charged, soon there will be lightning

I fly into a rage that is frightening 

Pouncing on my soft plush prey

Crushing it beneath me so it can’t get away

Consuming it I finally find rest

I awake to sun coating my human nest

Still clinching my prey I rub my eyes

I release the pillow and watch the dun rise

Every night insomnia takes me somewhere new

But honestly I’d rather sleep an hour or two
Poetic Ice


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