5 minutes to slip into Darkness 

5 Minutes to slip into Darkness
It’s now 1:25

I guarantee if you haven’t by now you won’t make it out alive

i’ve done my best

to keep the darkness at rest

but i can’t help but unleash him to have fun

he’ll rip and rend the fabric of reality until it comes undone

as my older brother would say, it’s a murder-death-kill-homicide

but why think so small when it could be a hate crime-assault-genocide

one such as my darkness could bring the human race to extinction’s brink

and when he’s done he’ll just gently wash his hands in the sink

I know you may wonder how words such as these come so easy

you never realized that my nice side just makes me queasy

yup it’s official i switched over

the world has no luck even if you have a silly clover

i’ve tried to deal with the world as an agent of light

now the world will have to deal with me as an agent of fright

now it’s 1:30

Humph, and by the time you read this I hope your soul feels dirty.
this is the result of a bad day……a fall from grace

a desire to take your face

and simply put it in it’s place………. under my timberland.
-Poetic Ice


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