You were in my home/
The thought of you in my dwelling makes me foam/
Rage seething from my mouth/
You’ve never seen the rage of a man from the south/
My rage wishes for your end
To buy every weapon to learn to defend/
This was burglary in the 1st degree/
the difference with Home invasion was my wife and me/
We never anything to anyone/
Yet we are always the victim of heinous fun/
Things like this bring out my dark side/
Dawn all black and just ride/
Find the fool who was brazen enough to do this/
Then brandish a brass knuckle fist/
My darkness very well would seek revenge/
The evil thoughts would make most cringe/
The fact that my wife can’t feel safe at home/
Makes me want to scatter you where starving pigs roam/
I want to erase the fact that you ever did exist/
Because as long as you do dumb criminal shit will persist./
I know I’m speaking out of pain/
Because this kind of domestic insecurity is driving us insane/
We just can’t wash off the violation/
Our blood burning, yet starting a coagulation/
I feel that I failed in protecting wife/
But from now on I’ll give it my all, even my life/

Poetic Ice