Real Life

Lemons are never handed to you by life/
Life smashes them into your eye/
Life awaits your suicidal moment ans hands you the knife/
Throws gasoline on your fire before you can ask why/
Life is combative, it wants you to fight/
But it’s underhanded, and brought a gun to the fight/
Victory is an alluring mistress you rarely see/
It for damn sure is a great cost, never free/
The amount of work you put in can’t be quantified/
After repeated defeats, your soul will feel liquified/
Then life sits back and has a good laugh/
Then employs his menacing staff/
Comprised of misery, rage, and self hate/
With as hard as the work, Being self destructive is fate/
Life is an entity of darkness from the start/
How you deal with it is a matter of heart.

-Poetic Ice


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