Life is War

Getting through life is war/
Each day is a battle, leaving one swollen and sore/
Daily bouts end in victory or defeat/
Disorder in the home chaos in the streets/
You know you must nonetheless fight/
Even with no strength you give it all your might/
Battle is so common you feel it’s wrong to be tired/
So you attempt to stay wired/
No rest for the weary/
No happiness for the dreary/
Only blood sweat and tears/
You either succumb to or battle back your fears/
It’s ingrained in us to win at all costs/
Don’t give up or give in, or all is lost/
But what if you just can’t lift your blade/
When spirit wanes and energy begins to fade/
Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you can exit the fray/
You hunker down and pray/
Pray for the strength to get up again/
The spirit to counterattack life and win/

-Poetic Ice

Life is hard… but so worth it.


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