My Black Rose

My beautiful melanated rose

Each thorn contains a different facet of my prose

Entire worlds fall from each prominent promising petal like dew

Roots dug deep and searching to entangle and enrich hearts anew

Stretching towards the sun trying to seize each day

Fighting hard not to wither away

Life happens, Dew dries, and petals fall

life’s parasites tear at the roots and begin to gnaw

Roots snap, the will of the stem starts to bend

Ebony petals adorn the earth

growing crisp as they forget their worth

worlds grew dark as the dew dried

life happened and the black rose died

The creative energy is ravenous and will always generate a need

The black rose will sprout again, as life destroys, it has also provided a seed

-Poetic Ice


We Are Royal

Buried within your soul young man lives the destiny of  kings

Awaiting the chance to take hold and help you sprout golden wings

Young woman from birth you were adorned with a golden crown

Granted by God, a priceless symbol worth more than a worldly gown

Remember Father Destiny makes no mistakes!

That’s why my Ebony child, your successes make the world QUAKE!

Your very breath in this world is a proclamation of victory

your every decision is an opportunity to sculpt out a new history!

its coded to your simplest codon to triumph over adversity

To fight against oppression with a royal tenacity

The world around you is determined to make you forget!

A darkness that’s afraid of your light, that was born upset

But you’ll succeed with ease as your melanin skin absorbs light

just filling yourself with glory out of spite

Nothing can stop you from being queens and kings

We always have been, and will be, Magnificent royal beings!

-Poetic Ice-


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Life is War

Getting through life is war/
Each day is a battle, leaving one swollen and sore/
Daily bouts end in victory or defeat/
Disorder in the home chaos in the streets/
You know you must nonetheless fight/
Even with no strength you give it all your might/
Battle is so common you feel it’s wrong to be tired/
So you attempt to stay wired/
No rest for the weary/
No happiness for the dreary/
Only blood sweat and tears/
You either succumb to or battle back your fears/
It’s ingrained in us to win at all costs/
Don’t give up or give in, or all is lost/
But what if you just can’t lift your blade/
When spirit wanes and energy begins to fade/
Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you can exit the fray/
You hunker down and pray/
Pray for the strength to get up again/
The spirit to counterattack life and win/

-Poetic Ice

Life is hard… but so worth it.

world observations

August Wish


What’s up world!? How’s life right now? I trust all is well. Welcome to August, school is about to start, temperatures take their last rise before they fall, and football tension rises amongst coworkers.

It’s the beginning of the month and the perfect time to plan out your monthly goals. I’m calling it an August Wish. Take a moment and write out all you hope to accomplish and check them off as you complete them. Seeing is believing, and seeing those goals checked off is an satisfying accomplishment all its own. Make your August Wish come true friends!

My August Wish
1. Finish the first draft of my novel, The Candy Shop.
2. Start the process on finding a literary agent.
3. Find more beta readers for my novel.
4. Write more poetry.

Good luck with your August Wishes

Poetic Ice

world observations

Universe: your adversarial ally


Why is it that’s when you try to make positive moves forward, the world at large tries to hold you back? I know the universe as a whole loves to challenge us individuals but really? What’s your beef universe? The world doesn’t go all cataclysmic when you try to make changes. It sets off a chain of uncanny events that intertwine themselves into your daily life until progress is effectively halted.

Its enough to make you scream “screw you universe!” But if you do, the universe simply hands you a pack of condoms and screams back “Strap up!”. Now you are presented with two options. Take It peacefully or ride this roller coaster until the wheels fall off. Mind you, it may seem that the universe is out to get you but I don’t believe that. I think it’s out to push you beyond your limits, stretch your psyche to breaking point, and morph you into a better you. All the stress and every single test is all to improve you in the long run. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is an honest phrase. Live by it, embrace it.

Bring it Universe! I’m ready to take you on full force! So should you all!

Enjoy your day

Poetic Ice




We will not live in fear/
We will stand/
We will persevere/
We will be grand/

You stole my possesion/
Not my heart/
Rage was my confession/
But today is a new start/

We will not be scared/
Today the fear will end/
Within my faith We are prepared/
Our souls are now on the mend/

We will not live in Fear/
We will make our Stand/
No choice left but to persevere/
We will be beyond Grand/

Poetic Ice