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My life after 30

On October 14th this year I was blessed to turn 30 years old. I can’t comprehend all the blessings that came my way, but I’m choosing to embrace them in the face of all the pain, adversity, and rage I felt this year. This year on my road to 30 I cried, I fought with my family, I argued with my wife about stupid stuff because my emotions ran high, we went through levels of pain I didn’t think were possible with my wife going through a miscarriage. That alone reset my mind and made me solely focus on being s support system for my queen. I needed to make her happy again, and the main way was to get my mental back in a great head space.

So I taught myself to smile again. I started to look at the positives of my world around me. Everyday I wake up with a chance to make my future better. I chose to revel in the fact that I have an amazing family and group of friends for support. Take pride in the face that I gave the talent to write poetry and novels. Lastly, but most importantly I have this amazing woman in my life that will do anything to make me smile so I have to in turn to do the same for her.

I have other things to focus on other than a feeling of loss and depression. I made it to 30! I never thought I would have gotten this far since I had battles with depression in the past. I’m happy to be alive and moving forward in life. I’m working on my new novels and poetry books. I’m changing my health for the better, and I’m smiling more!

We’re focusing on our YouTube channel and on other ventures that I’ll talk about in the future. I’m glad to have made it to 30! Long live the Libra king!

Peace and love,

LeTavious “Poetic Ice” Hemingway

world observations

I’m thankful that it’s October


It’s finally October! That means fall has been in effect for a while, Football and Basketball fans alike jump for joy, and Libras run rampant the first half and hand it over to Scorpios later. But more importantly for me and a few choice people in my family it’s my Birthday Month! I’ll be turning 26 this month on the 14th so I figured I’d share what I’m thankful for, 14 times over.

1. My Wife
Without here I’d have no purpose and definitely no will to write

2. My Family
The group of special people who have helped mold me into the man I am today. This includes both the people who do share my Genetic code and some who don’t.

3. My Job
My job as a veterinary. Technician allows me to enjoy a career in a field I’ve been passionate about my whole life. Work for a doctor that has taught me so much that I should’ve paid her for classes, and I have the world’s best coworkers so suck it if you disagree.

4. Cheesecake
Need I say more. Its cheesecake.

5. Stand up Comedy
A laugh could change your entire mood. Laughter is what I crave daily and great comics bring it to you with ease. Some if my favorites are: Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Gabriel Iglesias, Dat Phan, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Paul Mooney, and Dane Cook. What about you?

6. Morgan Freeman’s Awesomeness
This dude is immortal, a great actor, good as any role from Lego wizard to God himself. Lastly he is the voiceover king. I wish he was the voice for my answering machine.

7. Chinese Food (American Style)
I’ve yet to taste true Chinese Food, but the American version is a love of mine. Chicken wings and shrimp fried rice could fuel my life

8. Cat Videos On The Internet
I could watch cats make stupid noise, get scared, fight, or be zany all day long. Cats are hilarious… or possibly the most fearless, ferocious, demonic creature on earth if pushed.

9. Books
They are the true gateway drug. Just find the right one and you are taken on a high to another land that leaves you craving more. Then you seek more and more until you end up losing time and gaining a new love for something transient harmful at all. At least that’s how I feel about them. My favorite Genres to read are fantasy fiction, Christian fiction, thrillers, and comedy books.

10. Writing
Number 9 led to this one as I get older. I wanted to create one of those wondrous books I loved so much. But not just novels I write poetry as well. Each poem or story I feel is another gateway to my own soul that I choose to share with the world around me in hopes that you enjoy it.

11. Being a Libra
Being a Libra is awesome. Were creative, helpful, loving, caring, free spirits, and pretty much the best sign out there. Yes I’m biased, you are supposed to be. Our element is the air so like the air we can’t be restricted and I dint advise you to try. You will fail. Some other famous Libras include Usher Raymond, Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, Will Smith, and Hugh Jackman. That’s right detective Mike Lowry and Wolverine are Libras.

12. The Llama
Both the animal and the word Llama are hilarious to me. There is no real reason for it. I have always laughed at it. I’m weird I know

13. Video Games
I’ve been an avid gamer my entire life. It’s always been a stress reliever for me. I love platformers, JPEGs, and various fighting games. MY all time favorite/most played is probably the Super Smash Bros series with the “Tales Of” Series by Namco being a close second.

14. Netflix
This modern day marvel has made me forget what cable even is. Plus it’s only 8 bucks. All my favorites from my childhood and now are on here. It draws me in and I get lost In awesomeness. Gotta live it.

What are you thankful for?

poetic ice