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Mukbang: Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles)

Hey all, I know it’s been a hell of a long time since I posted. It’s been hard to write through all that pain we went through last year. So this year we decided that we will overcome the negative with new experiences and having fun!

First things first we are reviving our YouTube channel and doing new things. We started doing Mukbang videos. Mukbang is Korean for eating show basically, so it’s self explanatory. Our first one was Jjajangmyeon, or black Bean Noodles. They were awesome!

Here is a link to our video!

Mukbang #1 Jjajangmyeon


True Love, a tribute to my wife

True Love: http://youtu.be/NNUBZ6E0dPY

I was feeling creative last week so I decided to make a little tribute video to the love that I share with my wife. She is the reason I get up every morning and try to make it through this thing called life. I hope you like the video/slideshow

Poetic Ice