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Its Pumpkin Carving Time

It’s been a while, but my wife and I are back at it again! We just posted our vlog on pumpkin carving. This was a special experience for me since I’ve never done it before. Not even in my childhood. I hope you all take a chance and watch it! We had sooo much fun.

Happy October, and Happy fall everyone, bring on the cool weather and falling leaves!

***Check out our Vlog here!!!!!***

-Poetic Ice-


Death to a Midsummer Night’s Dream


An autumn wind blows carrying a chill

instilling my soul with a fall flavored thrill

Its the time when I truly beam

It’s the Death of a midsummer night’s dream!

Bring on the summer’s end

it’s time for the tree limbs to shake and bend

The time has come for summer to take its final breath

bring on the cider and cinnamon, the flavor of summer’s death

slide Fall’s dagger into Lady Summer’s heart

Queen Autumn’s reign is about to start

Quake the trees and let the leaves drop

blot the sun and let the heat stop

She brings cool winds and bonfires to all

Its time for a few months of Fall

A symphony of orange and yellow is the world’s new theme

The theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

-Poetic Ice-


Crisp Air

The crisp fall air envelopes the body/
Reminding you of days past/
Where childish imagination was king/
Oh what joy did Autumn bring/
Trees dipped in hues of yellow and orange/
The thought of holidays fills one with adrenaline/
Thanksgiving feast, family, and friends/
Christmas carols, giving gifts, and honoring our lord/
The cool crisp air has swept me away/
Back to a time where I would run and play/
Until the sun would set around five/
Being wrapped in that crisp air made me feel so alive/

Poetic Ice