Sleep not


Enveloped in darkness, my conscience drifts!
Unable to sleep it’s forced to create/
Out off the black they rise/
The distractions to sleep/
I’ve tried it all even counting sheep/
But with every jump they leave a new world in its wake/
Fire, fate, even the universe at stake/
Why must I create and save world’s instead of sleep/
Even in the dead silence I just hear beep… beep/
What’s that? Another mental ruse?/
No it’s a neutron bomb I need to defuse!/
Crisis avoided, what was that noise?/
It’s the car overheating when I’m out with the boys/
The start of another adventure to be had/
Leads to the discovery of a treasure that’s bad/
Exposing the darkness in our hearts/
Darkness, where this all starts/
I’m here again diving deep/
Enveloped in darkness, counting sheep/
Focusing on my mental farm, my mind stops its shift/
Finally headed to sleep my conscience stops its drift/

Then the alarm goes off….

Poetic Ice



It’s 3 in the morning/
And I’m up with no warning/
Mind bursting with random thought/
Another intellectual battle to be fought/
Sleep you elusive dame/
Once again I’m chasing you in this game/
I simply want to revitalize my soul/
But now I contemplate my life’s roll/
Why can’t I sleep/
Maybe I should count sheep/
My sheets are as soft as silk/,So should I be out with a glass of warm milk?/
No, now I’m watching night birth a sunrise/
And a day full of drowsiness is my only Prize/
I’ll be a manic by noon/
If I can’t solve This insomnia soon/

Poetic Ice