When the sun is asleep

The nightmares begin to creep

The restraints on your soul loose

Around your neck slips the noose

Somber silence saps sanity

Giving rise to cerebral calamity

Anarchy runs rampant in the vortex of the night

Teaching you that doing unspeakable wrong is the only way to live right

Bedlam is life so go have destructive fun

But be oh so quiet, you’ll wake the sun

Too late, over the horizon comes its rays

Your soul returns, free from the haze

Bound one again to your physical form

Sanity once again is the norm

Again you have to survive a day and its pains

To see another night where chaos reigns




It’s 3 in the morning/
And I’m up with no warning/
Mind bursting with random thought/
Another intellectual battle to be fought/
Sleep you elusive dame/
Once again I’m chasing you in this game/
I simply want to revitalize my soul/
But now I contemplate my life’s roll/
Why can’t I sleep/
Maybe I should count sheep/
My sheets are as soft as silk/,So should I be out with a glass of warm milk?/
No, now I’m watching night birth a sunrise/
And a day full of drowsiness is my only Prize/
I’ll be a manic by noon/
If I can’t solve This insomnia soon/

Poetic Ice



They may be prophetic
Never pathetic
Each with its own meaning
Trying to teach you something
Hoping you hold onto one thing
Sanity barely in your grip
Some dreams cause it to slip
What’s with this imagery?
Oftentimes cryptic dark imagery
To teach you to cherish the light
Yet filling you with abrasive fright
Fall has arrived, time for rakes
Watch under the leaves for snakes
Betrayal and enemies in the air
Your dream warning, the only thing making this fair/
Terrifying thoughts of death
Maybe even material item theft
What do all these dreams mean
Are they just another bout of rapids in my mental stream?/

Poetic Ice