Enveloped in the darkness/
One finds luminescence in the lightning/
Fearing the silence of the stilled storm/
You await the deafening cry of thunder/
A rumbling from the sky that ignites the senses/
The explosion makes expels the air from your lungs/
Breathless until the cool summer’s rain dances on your skin/
Cleansing you in the darkness of the storm/
Lightning sets the sky ablaze showing you vivid images/
A prophecy written in electricity/
Telling you to strike like lightning/
Cry out like thunder, and satisfy this dry reality like rain/
With every thunderbolt you are reborn/
We are all the children of the storm/


Poetic ice

Poetry, world observations

Sacred Swords, The Novel


I’d like to take the opportunity to share my novel with yet another audience because I’m a writer simply looking for readers. A few years back I met my wife and the floodgates of inspiration opened and never closed. I’ve written hundreds of poems and countless short stories all based on my interactions with her. I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today if it wasn’t for her. That being said, my novel Sacred Swords came of a dream I had about her one night.  I started writing it just to get the idea out of my head and then boom it was a full novel length story that I published through Xlibris.

Sacred Swords takes place in an alternate world where all things seem normal like our world until two young adults take their spring break trip to the beach city of Port Coastal, a fictional city on the coast of South Carolina. Once there two Sacrd Swords are bequeathed to them from the sky and their journey begins.

Not only do the two main characters learn they are descended from two ancient Gods, they learn that they must protect the world from a great evil that is on the verge of returning. Creatures they believed to be fictional are real and more times than not a threat to their existence as they learn and grow towards mastering their blades and natural abilities. Long time friends are not all they seem, and tomorrow isn’t certain for them as they try to prevent the world’s destruction.

It’s an action packed story from beginning to end and I would love to share it with the world. It’s out and available now for order and digital download.

I’ve made a Facebook page for it, http://www.Facebook.com/sacredswords u also post things for my other original stories too.

If the link below doesn’t work let me know I’ll give another