Monster in the mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall/
Show me the monster to embrace my fall/
Claws and fangs a beast does make/
Ruthlessness and malice a soul does take/
Scary words we don’t want to hear/
But words nonetheless we should fear/
Lesson number 1 monster maketh man/
Clawing from within marking you with its Brand/
The man will be battered in the light/
It’s the monster who conquers it with its might/
With opposition crushed the man can grin/
Because his inner monster was coated in sin/
Mirror Mirror on the wall/
Show me the monster who helps me stand tall/

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Embrace both to live a complete life.

-Poetic Ice


Happy Halloween


The air was crisp and cool/
The climate of the fool/
Light diminishes rapidly
Kids chatter vapidly
Innocent souls wonder The streets/
Tricking the treats to earn sweets/
All exclaiming happy Halloween/
None the wiser to the macabre fiend/
Wander off into the night/
Stray farther away from the light/
Welcome the embrace of the night/
Lose you soul to its might/
Turn about and find that you are lost/
Feel the tendrils of darkness like burning frost/
Cry out for help in your fear/
Let me the first to tell you, no one is near/
“please please let me live”
Your soul is the only thing you have to give/
Too scared to offer, it will be stolen/
Ripped from your flesh with claws so swollen/
Swollen with lust for your soul/
Try to deny it and heads will roll/
You sought candy and a good time/
Now you lay lifeless covered in dirt and grime/
Bleed out slow, a victory for the fiend/
Looks like yet again it’s a Happy Halloween

Poetic Ice