Monster in the mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall/
Show me the monster to embrace my fall/
Claws and fangs a beast does make/
Ruthlessness and malice a soul does take/
Scary words we don’t want to hear/
But words nonetheless we should fear/
Lesson number 1 monster maketh man/
Clawing from within marking you with its Brand/
The man will be battered in the light/
It’s the monster who conquers it with its might/
With opposition crushed the man can grin/
Because his inner monster was coated in sin/
Mirror Mirror on the wall/
Show me the monster who helps me stand tall/

Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Embrace both to live a complete life.

-Poetic Ice



The world broadcasts insanity/
We have been thrust into calamity/
Peace, rare.
Violence, common
Riots happening
Looting our ties to humamity/
Selling it on the chaotic black market/
The world is burning with a flame we can’t see/
A blaze that will disintegrate you and me/
Men, women, black, and white/
Asian Latino, European, all living in fright/
Wondering if their brethren is next up for senseless slaughter/
Just to be beheaded in the streets as useless fodder/
Shot down in cold blood/
It’s amazing the world hasn’t drowned in this crimson flood/
Death visits all stages of life/
Babies have died at the hands if the car and heat’s knife/
Mothers and fathers claimed by insanity murder their kids/
Mercenaries taking lives for the highest bids/
A grown man kills a boy and roams free/
A woman fires a warning shot at abuse and jail is where she be/
Everyday is filled with new threats/
Just trying to survive your morning commute is a risky bet/
The media broadcasts all this insanity/
Until it’s normal to be consumed with calamity/
It hardens your heart living in this world/
The violence is starting to own this world/
Are we at the point where we’re all insane?/
Has chaos finally broken through order’s membrane?/
I’m sick of all the calamity/
It’s delving my mind into insanity/

Poetic Ice