Selfless in your selfishness

One selfless act of selfishness/
Feeds the flames of pain/
Like a malevolent kerosene rain/
You call yourself a hero
A title you will foolishly hold with pride/
Not even realizing you sent my heart on a hell ride/
You mistake my strength because of my youth/
But it’s your naivety that portrays your lack of Maturity/
Unlike you I have perfect acuity/
I deserve my chance at equality/
But you stripped that with a gesture that is grand/
And you will question me when I make my stand/
As my intellect grew I earned my place in this world!/
One you neglect, like it’s not my right!/
So when I don’t answer your call remember you started this fight!/
Your selfishness was under the guise of selfless/
And for that I will silently cry/
Because relationships are alive, and you just caused this one to slowly die/

-Poetic Ice