Seraphim of theft

The angel of death

More like the seraphim of theft 

You stole from me you omnipotent crook

Leaving my soul shook

But I’ve had time to cry 

I’m no longer shy

I’m standing firm to ask you why?

And with all the rage in me wish I could make you die!

Since I know I can’t rewrite the past

It won’t be swift and fast

You stole my family, in heaven they’ll stay

But it’s long been time for you to pay!

Brandish your scythe and raise it high

Prepare thy self specter the end is nigh 

As I put on brass knuckles I wonder if you draw breath

Only because I want to watch it leave you as I beat you to death!

There isn’t one molecule in you I don’t want to obliterate

With ever ounce of power I can generate 

I’d battle you not knowing if I could succeed

But I wouldn’t be pleased until I see you bleed

I’d feed your blood to the earth

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, truly a sacrifice of some worth

I know I’m venting for clarity

But I hope the angel of death suffers for all eternity.
Poetic ice

world observations

Things Vet Techs Don’t Like Volume 12


It’s me Poetic Ice again, and this volume isn’t like the others. It’s more serious. Every technician has probably been through this and understands what this post is about. With that said, let’s get into it.

Loss of a loved one


The cute little five year old rug rat pictured above is my own Dachshund named Diva. The queen of cuddles, the craver of chicken, and the  bane of bath time! My dachshund was never a dog, she didn’t get the memo. She was a person who had an enormous amount of hair.

I got her from my sister after my then fiancee begged, pleaded, and finally convinced me to get her. She was the first serious mutual commitment we had together. She meant the world to us. She also came at a time when I was taking vet assistant classes so she was my study buddy/test dummy. I learned a lot with this pup at my side.  After getting into the Veterinary profession and learning a lot about our long friend I took every possible measure to prevent her from having any kind of back issue. I gave her plenty of controlled (safe) exercise, gave her a good diet to prevent excessive weight gain, and TRIED to prevent her from jumping on everything possible. For five years I had this battle won. She was the healthiest little runt around.


But a couple weeks ago my word changed, as my efforts proved all for naught. I to this day don’t know how my puppy was hurt, but she must have had an accident outside playing because she started showing signs of Intervertebral Disc Disease. Her back was hunched and she couldn’t lift her head up. I took her to my job to get her examined and the diagnosis was made. The normal treatment track was taken then. Muscle relaxers, steroids, and pain medications. Strict cage rest and leash walks only. For the next three weeks we played the awful game of wait and see. Every day she would either scream in pain all day, or seem like she’s getting better. All the while no matter how much pain she was in she would wag her tail and be happy to see my wife and I. No matter how my pup felt she was trying to he happy for us. This made it all the more worse being a Vet Tech. I knew nothing short of a surgery I couldn’t afford would help her, but I’ve seen pets take this route and improve. That just wasn’t the case this time.


Her condition kept worsening so my wife and I made the hardest decision we’ve ever had to. We brought her to my job to be relieved of her suffering. Thanks to my amazing coworkers this was easier, but it was still hard. It was hard as hell to do. I’ve done this process from the other side for years, and have probably become somewhat desensitized. That scar tissue of desensitization was ripped off and I was a fresh open wound of emotion again. My wife and I are still reeling from the event. I’ve even been affected at work. I witnessed an emergency humane euthanasia, and felt like I was going through it all over again. Whatever edge I had over the years is gone currently. The pit of my stomach held a feeling I couldn’t understand until writing this. It was a feeling of despair from not being able to save my own pet, yet I clock in everyday to do just that for others. But that isn’t it, it’s the despair fighting against my passion for this job, and the love I had for my own lovable Diva.  It’s a moment of intense sadness that’s combating against years of joyful memories and experiences. sadness and despair that will turn to lessons in life, and won’t leave me defeated for too long. My Diva wouldn’t want that, if she found me like this she be busy shoving her wet nose in my face and licking me non-stop.

But it still hurts… and It’s one major thing Vet Techs Don’t Like.

-Poetic Ice

-If you have experienced a loss of a loved one, my heart goes out to you. I pray you get through your dark times, I hope we get through them together.


world observations

Things Vet Techs Don’t Like Vol 10



The clenched fist says it all right. It’s a sign of pure rage in this case. This job is going to forever make me say “Why do we allow humans to procreate?”

Well since we can’t stop that I can still rant right? You all won’t hold that against me? Don’t think you will so here goes for the tenth time in a row, Things Vet Techs Don’t Like!!!!!!


1. MAGGOTS!!!!!!

You see that picture above… It’s a fly. A creepy, disgusting, and annoying little housefly. It lives it’s life in relatively short stages. They start as disgusting little eggs that hatch into a larval stage known commonly as Maggots. Now being a veterinary technician you see all sorts of gross things. soy one becomes conditioned, hardened if you will. But very few vet techs clock in and are ready to see maggots spewing from an abnormal orifice on someone’s pet. Seriously WHAT THE F**K?….. okay got that out. Now let me clarify my rage. if it’s a stray animal that was wounded and then maggots set up shop and some good Samaritan brings it in to have it treated or put to sleep then fine we’ll deal with the grossness with nose plugs and gloves. But the flip side to that is that select group of people who bring in their pet who have maggots falling out of them stating “this just happened today” . If you are a pet owner who cares for their pet then why the hell didn’t you notice a wound on your pet that now is festering and has tons of maggots burrowing through it and eating your pet alive? Not only is this disgusting it’s so rag inducing that it makes me tremble with anger….

Disclaimer: I know that sometimes some pets get out, or run away and accidents happen, and one may not find their pet before something like this happens. This is not a rant towards those who have gone through those unfortunate mishaps.


2. Inventory 

inventory: Noun, a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building as defined by the dictionary.

Inventory: Verb: An act that veterinary technicians perform to self induce madness by taking count of every possible product in the building.

Inventory: Adjective, Word to describe pure and unadulterated hate and rage in a nice way. a synonymous term for trying to find shit that doesn’t exist within the clinic that should.

Nuff’ said.




In this job, especially the emergency portion of it we seem to encounter our fair share of liquor. Now don’t get me wrong plenty of vet techs can agree that a nice cold one after a long day’s work is a great thing, but while you’re clocked in you don’t want to smell or see liquor or it’s remnants. If you come into the clinic somewhat buzzed or full on plastered it’s not a good thing. History gets skewed, and facts will be disoriented, and you’re overly emotional in a time when you need to be calm. Sometimes its down right embarrassing to see an adult acting like an idiot in public or doing idiotic things.  The other side of the liquor spectrum is if you bring in a pet that is suffering from alcohol poisoning I personally think of you as the scum of the Earth. Not only is it asinine, it’s animal abuse which is punishable by law lest we forget. So if you are coming into my clinic giggling about your dog being drunk while this poor animal, a member of your family, is now suffering and may die, don’t expect me to be all bright and cheery with you in the exam room. Quite frankly, to Hell with your feelings, your animal suffering is all i’m concerned about, and if we can prevent any major or long lasting issues then I hope the law is called and you are punished for it…. Jerk-off

Well… there you have it folks that’s volume 10 of Things Vet Techs Don’t Like. That’s my 2 cents on this madness called Veterinary Medicine. Pass it along.


Insane sanity


It’s easy to be crazy, hard to be sane
A fact that rings true much to my disdain/
Oh the humanity
I’m trapped in my sanity
Life’s goal is for you not to be demented/
Not to give someone boots that are cemented/
Just to stay calm and chill
Don’t give in to the orgasmic urge to kill
Be noble, wear a cape like Bruce Wayne
Never be a Joker laughing at a blood stain/
Don’t ever let the blood smear
Hold you sanity very near
I’m wrapped in a straight jacket called society/
Where nut jobs and wackos get notoriety/
They walk loose, everyone is dangerous
Pushing the limits of Gore trying to be infamous/
Yet we are instructed, taught, trained to be sane/
It’s almost a sin to even complain/
Insane sanity, it’s not rare, actually commonplace/
Its almost normal to want to hatchet a face/
But if sanity is insane and insanity is sane/
Then, who is really in the straight jacket? The Joker or Bruce Wayne/
It can really bother the mind
Are you insane? Or sane with an axe to grind?/

Poetic Ice

Who really knows?

Original Stories

Sacred Swords Snippet


As I’ve said before I wrote a novel titled Sacred Swords. Here is a Snippet from the novel. Tell me what you think!

-Poetic Ice

The blood slowly ran from my lip as I stared at Maelstrom with a fierce gaze. I was on bended knee a few feet away from him propping myself up on my sword, Hurricane, but I may as well have been miles away. Maelstrom met my gaze with his, full of bloodlust and jealousy. His hand had a tight grip on his blade, Tsunami. The cursed blade shined brightly in the twilight as he brought it to the Devin’s neck. Her hair lay pinned to her face by the water that was used to trap her. She was exhausted, and injured. Her sword, Soleil was at her feet glowing longing for its owner to pick it up.

“Let her go Maelstrom!” I yelled while trying to catch my breath. Taking on his mini army of water demons had got the best of me, but I’ll never admit it. The Watery vortex that surrounded Devin’s body was growing smaller, increasing the pressure on her body. She yelped in pain and shot him a cross look.

“Damn it, your problem is with me, let her go!” I protested as I managed to rise to my feet and lift my sword. Hurricane started to glow radiantly and wind began to flow around it. It was always a weapon that responded to my emotions.

“You’re wrong. My problem is with both of you!” Maelstrom said finally speaking.

“Take me instead!” I pleaded with a sour taste in my mouth. I hated having to beg, but I cared too much for Devin to let him kill her. He smiled knowing he finally broken me, but that wasn’t enough for him. I knew he wanted to shatter me. He pointed his sword to the ocean, and with a radiant flash the waves crashed against the beach. When the waves receded two more water demons approached me with their swords drawn.

“Take him!” Maelstrom ordered as he brought the blade back to Devin’s neck, breaking the skin slightly. Blood trickled down slowly. She winced but didn’t give him the satisfaction of yelping again.

“Damn you Maelstrom. Leon, please just flee from here!” Devin cried out. I gave a quick glare at her like I would anytime she gave me an order I didn’t like. I quickly raised my blade and charged the demons. They let out a spine chilling hiss like they always do and charged me. The first swung his blade over head with great force. I sidestepped at the last moment and severed his arm with my blade. Its arm evaporated and he lunged at me with his remaining arm. He scrapped the side of my face and the blood poured quickly. I impaled him with Hurricane, sending the blade through his backside. The hilt was stuck in his chest. I lifted him off the ground and turned him towards the other demon who decided to watch. I invoked Hurricanes power and it shot a torrent of wind towards it. He was blasted miles away back to the ocean that spawned him. I brought the blade down with force splitting the demon on it. He evaporated with an angry hiss.

“Damn useless demons!” Maelstrom yelled as he charged me from behind. Before I could react the hilt of his sword hit me in the back of the head. Dazed I fell to my knee again. Blindly I swiped back at him the blade missed, but the fierce wind surrounding the blade gashed his armored chest plate. Blood seeped out over his armor. He cursed and jumped back.

“Enough of this!” he yelled as he pointed his sword at Devin in the trapped vortex. The sword glowed faintly and then the unthinkable happened. The vortex swirled around her entire body engulfing her head as well. It formed a bubble around her as she struggled to get out then it exploded outward. The force blew me backwards onto my back. I quickly gathered myself and rose to my feet but my mouth dropped to the sand. There was just a wet spot where it once stood. Nothing else. She was gone. Only thing remaining was Soleil, with its glow fading away on the ground. Tears flowed uncontrollably from my eyes. At the time I couldn’t tell if it was pure rage or despair that caused them. It didn’t matter, she was gone.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” was the only sound I could muster from my throat in this state. Maelstrom looked at me smiling in my despair. He even began to laugh at me, the bastard.

“Aww, did I strike a nerve Leon, Sora, Or Sky Warrior, whatever you wish to be called.” he smirked. My gaze on him intensified. The tension in the air was unbearable. This was the power of Hurricane, This was my power.

“HURRICANE!” I yelled as I pointed my blade to the heavens. Maelstrom knew he’d finally provoked me to the breaking point, but he couldn’t stop me no matter how he tried now. He took a step and an intense wind buffeted his body throwing him backwards. Clouds were gathering above me in the sky, swirling at a high velocity. The center of the clouds was over the tip of my blade, the eye of the storm. Maelstrom pointed his blade at the ocean and invoked the ocean to do his bidding. A wave rose and rushed towards me. Instinctively I raised my other hand towards it, and a gust of wind shot out repelling the ocean.

“HOW!?” he yelled confused.

“You brought this on yourself, pushed me entirely too far. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN HER FROM ME!” I yelled. In response to my cry the hurricane above me grew in power exponentially. The clouds darkened to a deep black and the winds produced forced the waves away from the shore, sand flew everywhere. Maelstrom tried to run but the wind had him frozen in place. Any direction he tried to move, he met with a wall of wind. He wasn’t going to escape me. I lowered my free arm and a tornado wrapped around my feet lifting me to the sky above the hurricane I formed. I lowered my blade and aimed it at Maelstrom.

“GO!” I yelled and immediately the hurricane, easily a category 5, launched itself at the beach shore directly at him. The windows of all the nearby buildings shattered and the remainder of the pier crumbled as it was blown away. Maelstrom was consumed by the wind, screaming for help as the winds ripped his armor apart and sliced his body rapidly. I willed the hurricane back into the sky to keep the city damage to a minimum and thrust it out over the ocean. I kept the gaze of intense anger until the storm dissipated over the ocean, over a hundred miles away. With Maelstrom gone the anger gave way to despair, and the tornado that carried me dissipated as well. I fell to the shore crashing hard on my back.

The physical pain I felt paled in comparison to the pain in my heart now. Tears streamed down my face and I couldn’t help but sob at the thought of Devin being gone. The sun was fully raised now as the afternoon gave way to the evening. I stared into it trying to find an answer to everything that’s happened so far. My armor was heavy now that my pain had set in. With all threats being gone Hurricane had changed back into a necklace and charm shaped like a blade and was hanging from my neck again. I lay my hand down on the beach sand and it ran across smooth warm metal. I yanked it back instantly not expecting the heat. I looked down and saw Soleil, Devin’s blade, had found its way to me. Or more likely it found its way to its partner blade Hurricane. I picked it up, the heat numbed my hand a little before I got used to it. I looked it over and it started to make me feel better. It was as if it was trying to calm me down. I turned to the sky again and looked at the sun.

“Wait… The sun is still glowing in the sky! Soleil was still intact and in my hand.” I yelled out to myself on the beach. I stood up with Soleil in hand and pointed it towards the sun.

“If Devin, Soleil’s chosen one, the Sun Warrior, was dead, the sword and sun surely would have reacted adversely. SHE’S OUT THERE!” I yelled happily as a boy with a new toy. Soleil began to glow radiantly as if it was happy that I finally realized what was happening. It started to pull me toward the east. It compelled me to go toward Mount Volcanus. It changed itself back to a necklace and hung itself around my neck. I could still feel it compelling me to go to the mountain.

“Wait for me Devin, I’m coming. The Dark One won’t have you long. It’s time to end this!” I proclaimed as I gathered my things and headed east.

world observations

Candy Shop Chapter Two

The second Chapter to Candy Shop, Enjoy!

For once I dreamt in my slumber. It was a dream of a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a huge yard, and a big fluffy dog for my son Grey to play with. He was so happy as he ran through the grass with his dog happily following him. I sat on the porch in a rocking chair with a cup of Iced Tea, it was sweet like my mother used to make us when I was a kid. I couldn’t be happier. My sister came to join me and we just smiled and laughed for hours. The sun set on us and my dream world was covered in darkness yet again. My darkness that warmed me and kept me safe from the world was being shook. A hand, I felt a hand in the darkness shaking me. A warm soul was reaching for me, and I needed to reach back.

“Mommy? Are you okay?” Grey’s voice calls out to me in the dark. My eyes flutter open and I find myself lying in the tub with a towel over my body looking up into the big beautiful brown eyes of my son.

“Did you cover me baby?” I asked wrapping myself in the towel now. The water must have drained out over the night. I was probably going to catch a vicious cold for this.

“Yes ma’am. You were shivering.” He said innocently. I climbed out of the tub and hugged him with all my might. I loved this kid I swear I do.

“I love you baby. How long have you been up?” I asked setting him on the toilet and handing him his tooth brush with toothpaste on it.

“Only a little while mommy.” He said before brushing his teeth. I brushed mine as well then he ran off to get dressed. I washed my face then found a white t-shirt and some jeans to throw on. Grey ran to the kitchen and met me with the brightest smile on his face. Nothing fazes this kid.

“Are you hungry?” I ask kissing him on the forehead. His stomach answered before he did. Dammit I didn’t go to the store last night. My ribs ached as I breathed, but I smiled for my son. It’s all he ever asked of me, so I for damn sure was going to do it.

“You need to eat mommy. I can wait until I get a snack at Headstart.” He said smiling up at me. I stared at him amazed. This kid is only concerned with me, and easily making sacrifices for the sake of another. This kid is the closest thing to Godlike I’ve ever seen.

“How about we get waffles before I take you to Headstart?” I asked grabbing my book bag and his. His face lit up with excitement and he ran to put on his shoes. Once he was fully dressed he took my hand and we were out for another day back on the grind. I got him into his car seat in the Camry and made my way to the nearest waffle house. We sang all the newest songs out loud together; although I don’t think my son should know all the lyrics to a lil wayne song but I can’t help that now.

“It’s time to eat little man!” I proclaimed taking him out of the car seat and walking in with him. He just kept singing as we found a booth to sit at. The waitress came to greet us and his grin just stretched off of his face. He loves women, a fact that I think will be a problem in the future.

“Well aren’t you just the cutest thing in the world?” She asked ruffling his curly hair.

“Yes ma’am I am.” He said proudly. I laughed now. I don’t know where he gets this over bearing confidence from, but at least he isn’t a kid with self-esteem issues.

“Tell her what you want to eat little man.” I tell him.

“I want a waffle and chocolate milk.” He said proudly. She nodded and took the order.

“And for you ma’am?” She asked turning to me

“I’ll have a waffle, scrambled eggs and some water.” I tell her. She immediately leaves and calls out our order. A few moments of silence goes by as Grey happily swings his feet, but eventually he stares into my eyes and I know he has a question.

“Do you have to go to work tonight?” He asked somberly. My heart cringed more than my ribs did as the words vibrated my ears.

“I do baby. I’m sorry.” I say turning away from his powerful gaze. He lowered his eyes to the menu.

“Why? Can’t you just stay home and we can watch a movie? You can pick it out.” He pleaded with me. A tear welled up in my eye as I heard him plead his case. I knew he missed me, but I had to pay the bills. I hate being stuck in these positions.

“You can watch a movie with your Auntie and Uncle tonight, and watch one with me on Sunday when I’m off.” I tried to say to him happily. He groaned angrily.

“All Auntie ever wants to do is homework and sing silly songs about animals and colors. Uncle Trent is fun though.” He said finally. It pleased me to know that Kenya was still a boring person, and that Trent isn’t a dick to my son.

“Okay little man, If I can get today off I will, and we’ll watch a movie but I make no promises.” I say to him. He holds out his pinky to me across the table with a stern look in his eyes.

“Promise anyway.” He ordered. I started at him for a moment and broke under the pressure of his brown gaze. I took his pinky and then we kissed our palms.

“I promise.” We then happily ate our food when it came to our table. We went on to laugh and talk about how things were going at Headstart and how he was a class helper now. I was so proud of him and so heartbroken because I was missing these mini milestones in his life. I was a horrible mother to this precious child, and he loved me regardless. Once we finished we headed for the door and I was stopped in my tracks by a pair of hazel eyes; the pair from last night that sent a shiver down my spine, but not in a bad way. I picked my son up and carried him past the hero who didn’t notice me as he spoke with his female friend. I was almost out of the door before I heard my name.

“Jordan?” I heard him call out. His voice was smooth like velvet, and it went into my ears and melted me almost. I had no clue why, he was just another man in this world, probably waiting for his chance to get me naked. I kept heading for the door, but I wasn’t destined to get away without talking to him. He grabbed my shoulder and stopped me in my tracks.

“You know I have a problem with you just touching me right?” I say turning to him.

“I remember something like that. How are you doing little man? My name is Dwayne.” He said extending his hand towards Grey. Grey smiled and shook it.

“I’m Grey and I’m doing fine.” He said confidently. I smiled and started to turn again.

“Wait, are you okay? Why are you in such a rush?” He asked more demandingly.

“Well it’s normal for people to try to make it to class on time.” I say sarcastically. His female friend decided to make herself known now by inserting herself into my field of vision. I looked her up and down and smiled as best I could. But something about her didn’t sit well with me. Whether it was her horrible weave or her fake nails I will never know, but she bothered me.

“So, Dywane is she the girl you told me about?” She said pointing at me with her left hand making sure I could see the ring on her finger. Oh I get it now. The bitch was threatened and wanted to claim her territory. Whether he was her boyfriend or Fiancée I don’t know or care, but now I’m ticked. Don’t just assume I’m after your damn man because he stopped and spoke to me.

“Yes babe, this is Jordan from 33C I helped her out last night.” He said calmly.

“You’re so sweet.” She said in a tone that suggested she was being fake. I raised an eyebrow and smiled now.

“Yes he was so sweet when he took my shirt off for me and took his time running his hands across my body making sure I was okay. If it wasn’t for the skills in those hands applying bandages I wouldn’t be feeling so great now.” I say smiling evilly. I waved at them both and walked away triumphantly. I could see the anger in her eyes and I couldn’t be happier. I buckled Grey in and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Baby… Never bring home a snobby heifer who thinks she’s entitled to the world. If you do I’ll disown you.” I say laughing. He simply said okay and we were off towards school.


Our fair city of Chamberlyn, New York, was a budding metropolis that was just catching a growth spurt within the last thirty or so years. Concert halls and areas were built. A huge mall and plenty of shopping centers that was fairly new when I was a kid growing up here. It’s funny I remember the Candy Shop being built in the down town area and swearing I’d never go to a place like that. Now I’m the main attraction in that shithole. But the main attraction and source of money for the city was the founding of the newest campus of New York University. It was originally conceived as a small agricultural lab, but soon blossomed into a full-fledged campus once they had an influx in interest over the years.

“Once again we pass into the pearly gates….” I say to myself as we drove onto campus. The campus was a lush green when it wasn’t covered in snow, and it seemed like it was secluded in the country. One could barely tell they were in the middle of the city, and that’s what made this place seem like freedom to me. I loved being here for the most part, but it had its negatives too. I pulled into the parking lot of the education center where the Head Start Pre-School program was located.

“Come on little man let’s get inside before your teacher Ms. Freeman has a fit.” I say fumbling to get Grey out of his seat. He helps as best he cans and we rush towards the door only to be met by the 5’6” woman in a navy blue pants suit. Damn, remember when I said there were negatives about this campus? She was the main one. She put her hands on her hips and looked at me with those piercing black eyes filled with disappointment. She reminded me of my mother, another reason why she is a negative on this campus.

“Well as usual Mr. Grey is late because of his dear old mother.” She said angrily as she held open the door for us. I smiled at her and walked in past her. She walked us a few doors down the hall and stopped in front of his classroom. I kissed him on the forehead and he hugged my neck tightly.

“Remember you promised that you would get off of work.” He said before running in.

“Yes Grey Jones, I promise!” I call to him. I readjust my book bag and head for the door again, only to yet again be grabbed on my shoulder and stopped. Apparently since my incident last night everyone thinks they are allowed to touch and stop me from where I’m going.

“Just what did you promise that boy this time Jordan? Something else a girl like you can’t deliver?” she asked in a snotty tone. Now Ms. Freeman was well into her 40s, but that didn’t make her exempt from receiving a well-placed right hook.

“Just what do you mean a girl like me, Ms. Freeman?” I asked with a bit of attitude in my voice. I hated speaking to this woman. She always acted like she was holier than Jesus because she was the perfect preacher’s daughter with no bad things happening to her in her life, except being old bitter and alone.

“I mean a girl who spends her night shaking her blasphemous tail instead of reading her bible to her son. I mean a girl who always shows up late here and never seems to pay her bill on time. I mean a girl who gets her son’s hopes up about seeing your face after his day here only to be picked up by his Aunt.” She retorted. I grew flustered and before I realized it I was balling my fist. I almost struck her, but the thought of my son being kicked out of the program stopped me. This was the only thing he had going that he truly loved, I couldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

“Look, Ms. Freeman I have a class to go to, on the opposite side of the campus. I can understand my bill being a concern to you so I’ll pay off what I owe.” I said to her handing her two hundred dollar bills. Her eyes grew wide now as if she was imagining what I had to do to earn this much money. I hate people’s judgmental gazes.

“But Ms. Freeman, when it comes to my son and my interactions with him, you will keep all your God given opinions to yourself. You understand me?” I say to her in a cold tone. My eyes stare into hers as they fill with shock. I’m sure my occupation went from stripper to killer in her mind, but I couldn’t care less. Fuck her thoughts. I took my leave of the situation and headed back to my car.

I barely made it to Carter Hall, otherwise known as out biology building which held all of our Biology, chemistry, and physics classes. I rushed into my Microbiology class just as Dr. Long was closing the door. I slinked up the stairs in the coliseum style classroom and took my seat in the middle of the masses. Yes I was trying to hide from his gaze. No I was not succeeding at it. He gestured for me to come down to him and I quietly got up and took the walk of shame back down the aisle. I cast my gaze out on my classmates to see all of them hard at work on something and my heart sank into the ground.

“Here’s your pop quiz Ms. Jones. Too bad you weren’t here for the little Q&A session we just had five minutes ago. When you’re finished you may leave.” He said with an Americanized Asian accent.

“Right… Too bad… Thanks.” I say sourly as I took the two paged test. Quiz my ass. Everything this man gives us requires an essay. Guess I won’t be leaving early today. I turned around and heard a whistle from behind me. I turned back around only to see Mr. Long with a slight, unprofessional smile on his face.

“Excuse me sir?” I ask him.

“Nothing.” He says licking his lips in an almost seductive manner. I looked around incredulously. Is this really happening? Not in my Microbiology lecture room. I can understand being ogled in the Candy Shop, but I’m wearing Jeans and a shirt with closed toed flats. There was no skin to gawk at! I angrily took my seat and started my quiz. Fifteen minutes in I realized this test was complete and utter bullshit as did most of my classmates, but I couldn’t even focus. I felt watched. It made me uncomfortable, and I’m a stripper. I usually don’t care if I’m seen with or without clothes. But this is my sanctuary so to speak. I for once felt disarmed, yet safe here. I can’t help but glance around the room at the risk of looking like a cheater just to see if anyone was looking at me.

“Eyes down Ms. Jones, I don’t want to have to take your quiz and fail you.” Mr. Long said promptly. My eyes darted back down to the paper and I finished another essay. That confirmed it though, he was staring me down.

“Get it together Jordan… Finish this quiz.” I say lowly giving myself a pep talk. After another twenty minutes and a hand cramp later I finished my quiz and handed it in.

“Good Job Ms. Jones, you still managed to be one of the first finished. I trust this is another “A” in the books right?” He says to me with a smile. I raise an eyebrow and stare at him. His voice was different; it carried a tone that suggested flirtation.

“I hope so. See you tomorrow sir.” I say walking past the desk.

“Oh yes, I’ll see you later.” He said with a slight laugh. I stepped out into the hall and shook from head to toe. It’s like a wave of creepiness left my body. I headed outside to the parking lot and sat in my car now trying to pass the time between classes. I pulled out my cell phone, no new messages. Not like I was expecting one, but it would be nice to know someone cared about me from time to time. I shook that thought from my head. I didn’t need anyone to care for me. I had to care for Grey that’s all that mattered. GREY! I made a promise, I guess I better try and keep it. Time to call the douche of the century, and I’m not talking about Summer’s Eve. I dialed the Candy Shop and waited for a reply.

“Hello, this is the Candy shop, where your sweet tooth is our priority. How can I help you?” I heard a seductive female voice answer. I recognized it as Vanilla. This bitch must never leave the club. Its 10:30am, what reason does she have to be there?

“Vanilla? Is Marco there right now?” I ask her still in shock.

“Yes, who is this? Is this Jordan?” She asked with a slight attitude.

“Yes I need to speak to him.” I answer trying to keep the peace.

“Why? For what?” She asked growing even angrier now.

“Just get off your flat ass and hand him the phone!” I demanded now. She sighed and I head her shuffling around.

“You know because of what you did to Cocoa she can’t even go out on stage for a couple of day’s right?” She said trying to invoke sympathy or something. Fuck Cocoa and anyone giving her sympathy.

“It serves her right.” I say coldly.

“Hello, who is this?” I hear a manly voice come onto the phone.

“It’s Jordan, I need tonight off. I’ll come in early for the rest of the week to make up for it.” I demanded. Marco wasn’t the type of guy you ask favors from. He didn’t respect the weak who begged. In his world you had to take what you wanted from the world and give nothing back. He paused in silence on the phone for a moment then started to laugh a bit. I could feel that he was going to say no and prepared myself for the wave of anger that was about to hit me.

“Normally I would’ve just said hell no and kept it moving, but I can let you have tonight off. In fact I’ll let you have tonight and tomorrow night if you do something for me.” He said with a low chuckle. I heard him tell Vanilla to leave the room and I waited until I heard the sound of a door closing to speak.

“Okay so what do I have to do for you Marco? What could possibly make you so damn generous?” I ask with skepticism in my voice.

“Just give one private dance and I’ll let you be off.” He replied calmly.

“I just have to give one dance? When do you want this Marco?” I asked growing even more intrigued with this generosity.

“If you could be here in a few hours it would be great. I have a good friend of mine coming in and he’d like to see you.” He said smiling through the phone.

“Just one friend? Hell I’m surprised you had any Marco.” I say to him.

“I can give the job to someone else you know.” He said angrily. I could tell that the little Cuban man was getting upset because his accent was growing heavy now. I’d better stop antagonizing him especially since I’m the one in need of his generosity.

“I’ll be there in about two Hours Marco. Can you keep your friend happy with just flat ass Vanilla there?” I asked now trying to sound somewhat gracious.

“Yeah He’ll be fine. He’s at work right now anyway.” He said calming down.

“One question before I go; why is Vanilla there?” I asked out of pure curiosity now. He laughed to himself.

“She’s the accountant from 9-5, and answers the phones.” He said seriously and hung up. I don’t know if I was shocked that she was the accountant, or that he trusted his money to an airhead like Vanilla. There was no way in hell that bitch was smart enough to do that kind of a job. My next class, literary analysis, went by with ease, and I headed downtown to the “oh so wonderful” Candy Shop


Selfless in your selfishness

One selfless act of selfishness/
Feeds the flames of pain/
Like a malevolent kerosene rain/
You call yourself a hero
A title you will foolishly hold with pride/
Not even realizing you sent my heart on a hell ride/
You mistake my strength because of my youth/
But it’s your naivety that portrays your lack of Maturity/
Unlike you I have perfect acuity/
I deserve my chance at equality/
But you stripped that with a gesture that is grand/
And you will question me when I make my stand/
As my intellect grew I earned my place in this world!/
One you neglect, like it’s not my right!/
So when I don’t answer your call remember you started this fight!/
Your selfishness was under the guise of selfless/
And for that I will silently cry/
Because relationships are alive, and you just caused this one to slowly die/

-Poetic Ice


Room Full Of Vultures

Their eyes are on you.
Let em watch.
They want you dead.
Let em prey.
Stay in step, dont you dare change./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
Walk proud with yo head held high./
Show em how to move in a room full of vultures./
They built their lives up hating yours.
Let em./
They try to sew seeds of deceit in your life./
But their green thumb died./
They are stalking you but dont you dare speed up./
Trot bravely and show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Dont play their stupid game, just win it./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
They constantly break glass in ya path to hurt you./
Keep walkin on your Iron will and you wont be hurt./
They lose they mind over you and throw condoms in the air, waiting for you to f**k up./
Abstain their fickle hate and move forward./
They beg you to change from your greatness./
Dont you dare give in, show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./
Leave the suckas in their closed box and keep your mind free./
Show em how to walk in a room full of vultures./

Poetic Ice

Never give in, never give up, you aren’t prey, you are a predator of your ambitions and no one else can deny you of them

Poetry, world observations

Power, Corruption, Cruelty

First, the poem titled Corrupt.

The corrupt create causes of cruelty/
That are heinous hurtful and harmful/
To your serenity, sanctuary, and soul/
But why? Why must they hold this control?/
To the core it is a primal need/
This dark tendencies are a beast ready to feed/
True evil is a man corrupting his seed/
Changing the flower to a parasitic weed/
Using children to spread your wrath/
It’s a disgust unlike anything hell hath/
The destruction of happy homes from the inside out/
The breakage of hearts, letting the love pour out/
An adult with selfish behavior/
Creating the image of a false saviour/
No rhyme or reason why the evil exists/
But said no matter if detained or not, it will persist/
The corrupt create causes of cruelty…….

Now, the discussion about the subject matter at hand based on a personal experience. Power, it has the ability to corrupt. Once a person has it they feel the need to be in complete and utter control of the world around them. When they lose their grip on that power they turn cruel if they aren’t already. It is something that is sad and frightening once it goes that route.

A man using underhanded tricks to maintain his power is already wrong. But a man using his kids as a show of power to destroy a good thing just because he has no power over it anymore is just evil. Evil in its purest form to me is the manipulation of children’s innocence to do wrong.

I watched a young child ripped from a happy home that they didn’t want to leave because their sibling was manipulated to believe that someone was doing them wrong. Even though said person has done nothing but sacrifice to ensure their survival and happiness. The younger sibling has been torn between sibling loyalty and finding their own path in life. The older has lost their own identity to their fathers will/need to control all life around him at the cost of everyone’s joy. A heinous act that was a plan that was in the works for months that came to a head like a tactical nuke going off at a dynamite factory. They only reason any of the heartache and pain they went through happened is because that man lost all power, so he exuded cruelty to make everyone around him just as miserable.

I know power doesn’t always corrupt and lead to cruelty, but when it does no one is happy in the end. That’s just my observation of the world around me.

So does power equal cruelty? What’s your opinion.

– Poetic Ice