Angels rejoice, mortals mourn 

How are you supposed to feel

When the angels rejoice and the mortals mourn/

The seraphim welcome new members with zeal/

Yet the mortals aren’t to wallow in they scorn/

Their loved one is now free of pain

Yet I can’t look up and smile

The best I can do is yell your name as I cry in the rain/

Recovery is going to take a while

Powerless, devoid of strength, weak/

A piece of your heart has ascended

Knowing you can’t perpetuate life can make one meek/

Death puts cracks your hearts armor no matter how well defended/

Now the heavenly host has two saints looking down on us/

I should take comfort in that when I look up/

But I’d rather have you with us

Is that an idea so corrupt?

I’m just saying I miss you

But I’ve yet to say it aloud

If I do I accept life without you

I should man up and make you proud/

But I’m not strong enough yet I need time/

You would say things happen when the lord wills them

Normally that would quail my mind/

But it brings me rage and sadness and honestly I blame him/

I know that’s wrong

But it’s my emotions at the most raw/

I’m sorry lord but for now that’s my song/

A hurt hymn that calms my quivering jaw/

I’m searching for my solace as the angels rejoice/

Crying angrily as the mortals mourn/

It’s a part of life I must accept with no choice/

I miss my angels, and I’m torn…
Pray for us…. 


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