Angels rejoice, mortals mourn 

How are you supposed to feel

When the angels rejoice and the mortals mourn/

The seraphim welcome new members with zeal/

Yet the mortals aren’t to wallow in they scorn/

Their loved one is now free of pain

Yet I can’t look up and smile

The best I can do is yell your name as I cry in the rain/

Recovery is going to take a while

Powerless, devoid of strength, weak/

A piece of your heart has ascended

Knowing you can’t perpetuate life can make one meek/

Death puts cracks your hearts armor no matter how well defended/

Now the heavenly host has two saints looking down on us/

I should take comfort in that when I look up/

But I’d rather have you with us

Is that an idea so corrupt?

I’m just saying I miss you

But I’ve yet to say it aloud

If I do I accept life without you

I should man up and make you proud/

But I’m not strong enough yet I need time/

You would say things happen when the lord wills them

Normally that would quail my mind/

But it brings me rage and sadness and honestly I blame him/

I know that’s wrong

But it’s my emotions at the most raw/

I’m sorry lord but for now that’s my song/

A hurt hymn that calms my quivering jaw/

I’m searching for my solace as the angels rejoice/

Crying angrily as the mortals mourn/

It’s a part of life I must accept with no choice/

I miss my angels, and I’m torn…
Pray for us…. 

world observations

Sleep Vison


Nocturnal visions, or dreams are some of the most powerful forms of imagery on this earth. Being a writer, I draw a lot of inspiration from my dreams. But sometimes dreams are so powerful they are confusing or immensely frightening that wake us in a cold sweat. Now I say frightening but I dont mean a nightmare. I mean a series of images that are truly a fear inducing dream. I see a nightmare as a blast of one fearful event to another, but a frightening dream sucks you into this world of false security then you’re dragged through a fear so damn real that you can’t function. One is left immobile as it slowly releases its grip on your mind

, and you are wiping sweat and trying to figure out what you just witnessed.

I’m a member of the Christian faith so dreams of certain images are very moving. Dreaming of seeing the saviour, Jesus Christ,  is one that often brings people to tears. But dreams of the Christianity end times event, the Apocalypse, is what brings you to wake in terror. Some have been moved to start cult and spread mass fear and paranoia because of their dreams.

I won’t be doing that but I did have a dream of the end. The sky burned a deep crimson then was blacked in a thick cloud cover. Beings of pure light and beauty walked amongst us, angels, and they started taking people to heaven. Others engaged in warfare with demons that frothed out of cracks in the earth. War lasted years, and all the while the hands of the lord would part the clouds and smite the demons that were too powerful for the angels, or to gather more wayward souls and take them to heaven. This dream seemed to last forever and I can’t even begin to describe how terrifying those demons were. I was wrapped up in a battle with angels at my back and demons bearing down on me until the hand of creation ushered me from the battlefield and into the clouds. It ended well, but being in that battle and seeing what I did was the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed. I’m still trying to process what I just dreamt and what it could mean truly.

Have you ever had a frightful dream that just rips your psyche a new one then releases you to think about it all day? Let me know

Thats my 2 cents on the matter

Poetic Ice




The ranks of the angels has yet again grown/
Another sweet loved one has been called home/
Heaven has grown happier
Yet we’re yet again are in tears/
Lord I know you need your angels
But why do you have To take them so soon?/
We weren’t finished with them yet
We had more to learn
More love to give
I’ll never know their hug or kiss again
Without them I’m a wreck I don’t know where to begin/
I know you have plans/
I know how our Lord demands/
But did you have to make them an angel so soon!?/
An angel with grace on her wings/
The angelic choir yet again sings/
I should be happy, but tears are what their song brings/
I promise not to be angry forever lord/
I know you have a plan lord/
You have gained another great Angel lord/
But for now I cry why lord?/

poetic Ice