Drink to forget

Pour up the medicine to ease the pain

While listening to that Sunday rain

Simply trying to drink away the things that drive you insane

Pour it up to only sadly realize

That whiskey only intensifies your cries

That pain only perpetually lives and dies

You drink to forget, but you only remember

Now you’re getting drunk off your memories of December

-Poetic Ice


4 thoughts on “Drink to forget

  1. Brother that is why you should
    smoke the weed

    And leave that whiskey at the
    side of your sleeve

    And isn’t that where you’d would
    rather be

    Open and happy and
    totally free

    So when you focus
    all you can see

    Is the you that is you
    and can not be appeased

    So January, December is no concern
    You are one and that’s how to should be!

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