Questioning Faith

Questioning Faith

Words absolute from a God unseen

Still reaping punishment from Adam and his queen

We are to blindly trust the voice in the wind

Even though it let the Devil fill it with Sin

Lucifer Morningstar tainted the air so mean

Exhaling death caused by COVID-19

Prayers go up

Clogging up Deaf Deity Ears

Time to change tactics, fueled by fears

It is obvious, but God have you gone insane?

Or was it just fun to hand Samael the reigns

I am probably doomed because I have this gall 

But I see it is time for a house call

Wrist slit, knock knock

I come before you today to bare my all

Ready to bum rush every angel and make them fall/

I want to hear it with these ears I own

As I drop to my knees before your throne

Angered by this blissful silver city up high

Crying you took my family, but Why?

The pain in my heart

Every single time I now draw breath

I am constantly reminded of a loved one’s death

But you will not answer me, will you?

Your words are reserved for very few?

Have your seraphim cast me into hell

Because the moment you stole my loved ones, I already fell


Drink to forget

Pour up the medicine to ease the pain

While listening to that Sunday rain

Simply trying to drink away the things that drive you insane

Pour it up to only sadly realize

That whiskey only intensifies your cries

That pain only perpetually lives and dies

You drink to forget, but you only remember

Now you’re getting drunk off your memories of December

-Poetic Ice


Seraphim of theft

The angel of death

More like the seraphim of theft 

You stole from me you omnipotent crook

Leaving my soul shook

But I’ve had time to cry 

I’m no longer shy

I’m standing firm to ask you why?

And with all the rage in me wish I could make you die!

Since I know I can’t rewrite the past

It won’t be swift and fast

You stole my family, in heaven they’ll stay

But it’s long been time for you to pay!

Brandish your scythe and raise it high

Prepare thy self specter the end is nigh 

As I put on brass knuckles I wonder if you draw breath

Only because I want to watch it leave you as I beat you to death!

There isn’t one molecule in you I don’t want to obliterate

With ever ounce of power I can generate 

I’d battle you not knowing if I could succeed

But I wouldn’t be pleased until I see you bleed

I’d feed your blood to the earth

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, truly a sacrifice of some worth

I know I’m venting for clarity

But I hope the angel of death suffers for all eternity.
Poetic ice


Rain tears

Crying in the rain 

Only so I can scream with the thunder 

Set flames with the lightning

So my soul can be smothered with ashes

Vision clouded with the haze of storm clouds

My world shaken by deaths quake

Alive feeling like dying

Dying yet drawing breath 

A part of my heart beat

My essences and my DNA

Stolen from me in a horrific way 

I feel as ash is the worth of my soul

Forever feeling pain as sharp as lightning 

My heart howls with the despair of thunder

As I cry in the rain
-Poetic Ice


What Do You See?


Mr. Policeman what do you see

When you see my African-American skin wrapped around the soul within me

Is something in melanin that tells some not to serve & protect?

Or is it simply a different skin tone you reject?

Do you see that I’ve been robbed?

Or do you see us committing robbery as a mob?

Can you fathom an interracial love on your surveillance tape?

Or is it just a blond haired Blue-eyed rape?

Have you seen a Negro reach for their ID?

Or do you empty your gun just cause, turning them into human debris?

Have you seen my compliance & hat I’m unarmed?

Or do you blindly abuse & murder me to save yourself from imaginary harm?

Will you ever understand why we continually protest?

Or do your eyes behold unpatriotic anarchy & civil unrest?

Do you carry the weight of a mother’s tears when her baby dies?

Or do you rejoice like the Lord answered your cries?

Can you understand that the Black has been raped by the blue?

Or is this the only way of life you see as true?

My unlabeled soul ask all you labelers I see,

Mr. Policeman, What do you see?

-Poetic Ice



Divine Tears

Rhythmic patter of rain/
Playing a crescendo of pain/
Dihydrogen monoxide
Crushing down your pride/
Rain is power/
A crushing flood could topple any tower/
Under its weight we’re nothing but sod/
Not even capable of of understanding the power of God/
This rain is truly a symbol of fears/
Fears for our world that have brought God to tears/

Poetic ice


Pain for Love


Somehow you always seem to validate your visceral viciousness

Your smile is nothing more than slight of hand hiding the bared fangs

your actions are the catalyst to the chemical reaction called rage

yet you always want someone on your same page

a contradiction in itself since it’s you who is always against

to be around you is to be loved and pained

to listen to you is to feel at a loss and full of gain

Friend, foe, tyrant, or liberator, no one knows what you are

the definition of enigma, you reset the bar

you inhale my love, to exhale you malice!

then grow confused when I flee down the hole like Alice

Even the mysteries of Wonderland are more straightforward

and even still i find myself craving just one more word

through the confusion you bring I’ll rise up above,

just to have that one thing from you… your love


Angel Sweet Angel

Angel sweet angel

your love will remain with me forever

you’ve returned home but our ties did not sever

I can feel you looking down from above

with tears in my eyes, I’m still happy to have known your love

My angel sweet angel

The lord has recalled one of his best

you deserve this blissful rest

This hurt will pass, another of life’s rain

happily flap your wings knowing we’ll overcome this pain

My angel sweet angel

Just know you’ll forever be missed

because of your presence the Heaven’s have been kissed

I’m glad your soul is now with God and pain free

You’ll forever be loved and missed auntie…



world observations

Showdown at Shoney’s


Shoney’s is a great restaurant that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to eat at. Every one that I’ve been to has had a pleasant staff that are eager to serve you. But today one waitress today probably wanted to quit. Through the constant volatile bickering from an older woman who was the definition of crotchety, I learned her name was Brenda.

Today this woman who made it her mission to annoy and/or annihilate her server apparently ordered a sweet tea before My wife and I arrived. The server brought a diet coke to the table by mistake. This mistake was not life changing and only would only take seconds to correct once the server is notified.


Yea I know that's McDonald's tea. You get the idea

They do look similar in a glass full of ice. Its an easy mistake to make when you have an entire section of people to serve. But this woman was not going to forgive poor Brenda. She instantly went on a tirade about how she didn’t want the drink and how she wanted tea. “I wanted tea, is that hard to ask? Bring me some tea. What are they doing back there? Fighting to see who is going to make the tea?” There was nothing sweet about her. The server brought her a Tea after her barrage of insults and continued to work her section.

At this point the queen of crotchety found a woman in her section and chose to unload all her concerns of the world and Shoney’s future. She went from how much she didn’t like her server to her current political views. This poor woman was held hostage, with pancakes. Every time Brenda returned she would use a sweet and snarky voice to ask “Are you okay?” To which her server would reply yes ma’am I’m fine. How are you? The older lady would laugh, but once Brenda left she would say to her hostage, “I don’t think this is the life for her. She may be on drugs.”

She went on to disturb the other servers in attempt to get her Brenda’s last name and question whether or not they have noted drug usage. She stated that she wasn’t trying to be mean, she was just trying to save Shoney’s. She continued by saying that Her whole say was ruined by this one mistake. She said she loved Shoney’s and only wanted to help out. Once she was done berating her and eating she flagged down another server and hounded her to dispose of the Diet Coke she left on the table. She said she didn’t want that girl to try and give it to someone else.

Really? Who would take the drink from one table and give it to the next patron who wants a drink? This lady full on believed that Brenda would serve the drink to another. She left and found the General Manager. And told het about her day and Brenda’s apparent drug use. He walked her out after she paid and came back in saying “I have no clue what she was talking about. She is crazy.” my wife and the other servers all laughed because she was crazy. Why would you berate someone for about 30 minutes and say she’s on drugs just because she gave you the wrong drink by accident? Poor Brenda still walked around with her head hung low. That woman could have very well ruined her day. For what? Sweet tea? My wife and I felt so bad for Brenda, and at a lose for the reason behind the elderly lady’s rant.

How would you feel if you were Brenda? Could you put up with her abuse with a smile like she did? I don’t think I could.

That’s just my two cents….

Poetic Ice