Anxiety Attack


Unconscious, sleep/
Lost in a dream deep/
Images, vivid/
All induce rage, Make you livid/
Pressure, chest/
Demons put its integrity to the test/
Soul, drain/
As your essence is consumed you feel pain/
Cognitive, anxiety/
Rapid breaths, falling tears, but no help from society/
Help, None/
Without aid in this land of no sun/
Life, Hack/
Demons have decoded you and you’re under attack/
Fear, immense/
Your adrenaline pumps as your throat closes, intense/
Degenerating, health
You’re starting to go black, losing since of self/
Enemy, Fed/
Sated on your life force leaving you dead/
Sun, Bright/
You awake, soul bombarded with light/
Cough, Hack/
No clue why, but you just survived a slumbering anxiety attack/

Poetic Ice



world observations

Damn Butterflies

I’ve been plagued by damn butterflies in my stomach, or anxiety for the last few hours now. I have no reason to be anxious. I can’t stand the feeling, but I do have to admit when I have the feeling some weird uncanny crap happens. Whether it be the Times we’ve been robbed or simply a bad day at work. So I’m really on edge at the moment.

It’s annoying as hell to say the least. Have you been plagued by those Damn Butterflies?