Bite your Lip

If I bit your lip would you bite mine?/
Or are we the sophisticated couple of cheese and wine?/
Could we be dangerous like crown & coke?/
With you taking my long dark stroke/
We can be risky and make a bet/
I’d put it all on black that you’re wet/
I can be the trampoline, if you wanna bounce/
Or your erotic pusher peddling every ounce/
Every ounce of spellbinding sex/
Meant to curse you with an orgasmic hex/
Want me to suck on you all night long?/
Or use my teeth to remove your thong?/
The decision is really up to you/
When it comes to you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do/
We could sit back & sip coconut rum/
Or play with each other until we cum/
Hold up, before we take a sip/
Answer me, want me to bite your lip?/

Poetic Ice

world observations

Versatile Blogger Award 2015!


I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, That’s such an exciting thing for me since I’ve only been blogging for about 7 months. I didn’t expect people to pay attention to my poetic ramblings, and story writing, but here we are! All thanks to a great blogger, Mz. Hollywood1 found here: —> https://mzhollywood1.wordpress.com/


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  1. My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me, without her I wouldn’t write or be me. Love you baby
  2. My favorite color is RED. I even wear red scrubs to work
  3. I have a (un)healthy hate of clowns and spiders…. screw them all
  4. I wrote a novel titled Sacred Swords, which is about a dream of my wife and I (http://www.amazon.com/Sacred-Swords-LeTavious-Hemingway-Brown/dp/1465308806/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421342630&sr=8-1&keywords=Sacred+Swords+Letavious&pebp=1421342628427&peasin=1465308806
  5. I have a great love of Anime and Manga (you’re never too old for it)
  6. Lloyd Alexander is my favorite author
  7. I could live off of Chinese food daily.
















(I only nominated twelve thus far, I’ll go back and add the other three lol)




For the first time in days
I can finally feel the sun’s rays
we’ve been berated by dark
children sat depressed in the park
no light so save our souls
consumed with noir until we are buried in holes
the sun is now all too bright
it’s almost something to fill me with fright.
the once oh so coveted light
it’s almost a sin to feel so right
The dark has changed our mood
now it’s instinctive to be dark and brood
Fix this dark stained world with light
Do it now with your luminous might!

world observations

We Must Try


As a boy one is often taught he has to grow up to be big and strong. He must grow smart to one day be wise. He must become a reputable member of society and be a good man to his woman and an inspiration to kids. That’s fine and dandy, I’ve accepted that as my mission. Unbeknownst to the young men who accept that mission, there is a side mission attached. That mission is to keep those around you, the ones you truly love, happy.

Happiness comes in so many forms though. Career success, academic achievements, unquestionable loyalty and dependability, and the list only grows. Most likely to keep the ones around you happy all you have to do is be honest with yourself and them. But even even with that there are the timed where that mission can’t be accomplished. Party A will be pleased and party B will frown. That’s life so a man must get used to that. Not everyone is happy all the time.

But, as a man grows older he eventually gets that person in their life that they want to smile no matter what. They want this person to always have a certain type of happy. This happiness is called Love. Once a man obtains that, he truly wants that eternally. So, when the one he loves is unhappy he crumbles, falters, feels unsure about what to do to bring that joy back temporarily. He’s locked in a stupor like no other until he ascertains a solution to the problem that caused the unhappiness. When that special loved one is hurting your world is numb null and void. As a man you’re supposed to be able to fix it. But not every problem can be fixed by you. Some problems have to be fixed by others, no matter how hard you try.

It makes that man question why, question the world. Why place these trials in his life if he can’t pass them? Why teach him its his job to bring this joy to his loved ones if he can’t always do it? Simply because he must try. Its not that he has to always succeed in bringing that pure elated smile, its more important that he tries to bring that smile. As the sun will always rise again their loved one will smile again.

I guess I just wondered why are we destined to face these emotional hardships. It does not seem fair. But life isn’t a fair mistress. She’s a harsh one filled with lessons we are meant to learn. I guess the point of this is to always, ALWAYS try to keep that joy even when it seems impossible.

-Poetic Ice

world observations

Happiness, relative?

Happy, joy, smile, exuberance, jolly, all similar words that don’t need an explanation. All words signifying something you want on a daily basis, happiness. We all strive for happiness in our daily lives, but what is happiness? To some happiness is simply putting food on the table. For others it’s seeing their significant other smile, and others sadly are happiest when causing others discomfort/harm.

So if happiness can be so many things, what truly defines happiness, and just how do you make someone else happy?
Once you think about what makes you happy one may learn that their happiness is relative to their needs being met. If a person is happy with a job and paying their bills and providing for their family then they are happy because they have their needs met. That is perfectly fine, but what of those other feelings you get as a human? Your wants? Wants, more times than not aren’t necessities. So going by the “theory of happiness is relative to your needs being met”, why do they factor into your happiness? Is it because the desire for these wants becomes so powerful they evolve from a want to a Need. A new need that soon began to ebb away at your happiness because this new need isn’t being met. If your happiness is relative to your needs being met, then at this point you are no longer happy.
Happiness is now giving way to sadness and Lord forbid resentment. All Because a want grew into a need and it wasn’t met… what do you do now?

Does one person decide that their new need isn’t worth the trouble and never try to meet it? All the while they are growing in sadness and rage about that fact. Soon losing all concept of being happy anymore Will make said person embody rage and resentment to their current situation.


Does that person reevaluated their needs and find a way to achieve them all so they can maintain their relative happiness. Even though this new need isn’t a true necessity, it has now become necessary to maintain their current level of happiness. So as long as happiness is the result it’s okay to strive for your new need. When it’s all said and done the said person will be happier, and have that demeanor around others, so everyone who knows them intimately benefits from them getting their needs met.

With that said, I conclude that happiness is relative to your needs being met. It is also okay for you to go after things you want, making them into needs once you necessities have all been met. There is no shame in a smile right?

But that’s just my two cents on the world around me.

Poetic Ice