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Lowe’s: Never Stop Improving… Ignorance?


Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form condemning the Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. Just the one idiot I ran into today. That is all. Lowe’s is quite awesome actually.

Today I ventured to Lowe’s with my brother-in-law for our home improvement needs. Anytime we need anything we go to Lowe’s, it’s closer than Home Depot and I personally like the atmosphere better.

NOT TODAY, since we were talked to like a pair of idiots who lacked the ability to do home improvement projects.

We went into the store looking for corrugated glass to replace a window in my home. Just because I feel you should know, the window measured 24×31 inches. Not a real hard concept right? Just pull out your tape measure and look at it, and BOOM you have measurements to go by when you go to the store. Also, on a side note My brother and I are both employed full time at steady jobs, don’t have money leeching vices, or various kids to pay child support for as I’m sure the associate at Lowe’s thought.

The glass panes they had measured out 24×48 inches. That means that said glass needed to be cut down to fit the window. A simple task that is offered at Lowe’s, and one that my Brother-In-Law could do with ease. We sought out an associate to perform the glass cutting task and found a gem of a man whose name I won’t mention.  When he approached us he already looked as if we didn’t belong in his section of the store. I brushed that aside as my brother spoke with him. He told him that he needed this glass to replace the window, but he needed it cut down to size. Also that he would like two of them to possibly make it a double paned window again as it was before. This lovely being looked at the price and size of the glass and back at us. His demeanor growing ever more ignorant.

“This is 24×48 inches, and about $57.00.” he said to us with a hint of superiority. My brother responded, “I know, I need it cut down to 31 inches, and would like two of them.” This I thought was a simple task, and not much to ask. I guess I was wrong, and far be it for me to even try to understand how this next turn of events happened. He started speaking with a certain tone of voice. One that hinted he didn’t believe we knew what we were talking about and that we were beneath him. He to us and stared at the price tags and back to us again only to say “You know that means I’m going to have to charge you the full price for these if I cut them.” My brother simply responded “Okay.” I figured that would be the case, we were still taking the product out of the store, so we needed to pay for it. IT’S COMMON SENSE, but that doesn’t stop ignorant comments from coming out.

“You know that means you are paying around $116 dollars. You still want to do that?” Was all he could say. My brother and I made contact and shared a mental “What the F**k” moment then my brother calmly responded to him. “So, I need this cut down to fit my window, it’s only 31 inches.” The man was in a stupor that we still wanted to make a purchase after his announcement of the price. “This is 24×48, I don’t understand what’s going on.” He went on. My brother was starting to get as agitated as I was with the guy. “You know what, I’ll cut the glass myself with the saw that I own.” He said ending the conversation. The man looked at him with a shocked look and back at the glass, “So you are getting it? It’s 48 inches.” He said again as if we broke his Psyche with the thought of us using a saw. My brother nodded and said, “Yup, no problem, my saw could cut it just fine.” and we left him standing there looking like a fool.

We walked off and we were both shocked and amazed that ignorance could just run rampant like that. I’m no naïve kid, and I realize that I’m in South Carolina, but there is still no damn excuse for people to be in disbelief of one another’s abilities. There for damn sure is no excuse to talk down to someone else when they are trying to do something for themselves and you don’t think they have the ability to do so. I personally hate it when I go somewhere and the associate/clerk starts throwing prices at you because they feel you won’t ever be able to afford the services their great establishment offers. Prejudice and Race are an ever present issue in this world, and it seems we’ll never out grow it. I hate the way that guy spoke to us, and acted with us. He was looking around as if we were trained apes sent to prank him. I take solace in the fact that not everyone is like that.

Have you ever encountered Ignorance without reason? Prejudice without precedence? What’s your world like around you? Let me know.


That’s just my 2 cents on the world around me, whether it be ignorant or not.


Poetic Ice

world observations

Double standard of Ignorance


I saw this picture floating around my Facebook news feed and it got me to thinking.
1. I love Paul Mooney and his stand up comedy.

2. More importantly the message on the picture is right.

I don’t get political or too militant too often but when I do its usually because people I observe in this world are saying/doing something incredibly stupid, racist, sick, etc. This time it’s the youthful African Americans need to display their intra-racial violence on social media. Their chosen medium is the ignorant holy grail worldstar hip hop. I won’t type that as a link because I don’t want you going there. I’ve been there a few times I’ll admit, but I’m not proud of it nor will I promote it. Last time it was curiosity, apparently morbid curiosity that took me there.

This current generation and the one following are all walking around with miniature cameras either in hand or on the phone because apparently the world values nothing unless it gets views online or liked, followed, tweeted, etc. So, they record the violence that happens and turn it into a show for the world. Giving it a fancy title like” Leon got knocked the FUCK out” or some other stupid moniker to draw in people with this same morbid taste. Within no time this has 100,000 views and is all over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and most people who put mentally healthy things online won’t even get a view without begging. Its as if my people are drawn to things that hold us back intentionally. Do we as a group prefer to be treated as wild ignorant beast so we act like that and put it on display? I sure as hell don’t.

Some people argue that it’s the next big fad and will too soon pass. That may be true, but who decided watching a young woman be beat to death was fad worthy. A child is no longer breathing and we liked and shared the video. What the hell is wrong with us as a people to do that? The biggest problem I have with this is the people watching these videos and perpetuating the cycle of ignorance are the first to get up in arms when a member of ANY other race attacks/harms a member of the African American community. Now the same violence that they have turned into an idol is wrong. Now we must march and protest, and fight for the video to be removed from EVERY Social media outlet. If you watch THIS video you are against us as a people, and you must be a born racist who dreams of hunting down every minority. See it’s fine to be defensive of your people, But wait a minute. Wasn’t it last week you shared a video of Leon getting jumped by four other black boys and getting knocked out? How is it any different from Lamont getting attacked by four white boys and being knocked out? Because you saw a color change? A color that shouldn’t matter in this day and age. VIOLENCE shouldn’t happen to begin with, but the only thing my people will see is the color that threw the punch.

Why is there a double standard to violence? Why is it okay for one and not the other? Why is it constantly being promoted via social media so it can further it’s desensitization of our youth who watch out of curiousity? If we want to lower the rate of violence, and in a utopian world stop violence, we have to stop glorifying violence. Stop putting it up on a pedestal as a means to achieve notoriety. Stop being so ignorant and making videos with that as the only content, and then being militant about interracial violence. Violence is an act between two beings no matter their race that should be never happen!

Stop the double standard.
Stop the violence.

That’s just my two cent on the subject.

Poetic ice